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I think posting is some sort of heroin…or chocolate. Can’t stop, must post….every…….day. I always wonder what it will be like in a few years when I come back to the first entries…will I think I was a freak? Will I have matured (lets hope not)? I once found an old ‘journal’ I had started when I was in about grade 3. I got a new cabbage patch that year so overall good. I also had a crush on a boy named Christ Zagar…and on Mark Paul Gossler…but then again who doesn’t like Zack Morris?

Today I was actually a lot less tired than I thought I would be. Sure did stay at Christine’s house til 3am watching Field of Dreams (very good movie…slightly crazy….not always good that late at night). I won’t mention any names (might have been associated with a big…I agree with campaign), decided a movie would be good but their project took until 1am. You owe me a research methods class! Good times in Christine’s little fairy world that is her room.

I got a rockin package from my mom today in the mail and one from my aunt…what a great day! My mom sent me someone else’s mitts in the mail tho, hope they don’t need them!



Good news: i survived my weekend home alone. Not that I actually spent any time home, or alone. Thanks girls. I actually did a smidge of work today, only in one subject though…economics.

Today my something new (I try to do something new or at least out of the ordinary every day to spice things up!) was attending Priory Baptist Church. Usually I go to Crestwicke but me and Becky stayed at Christine’s (Boy Kev, sure wish I knew what it felt like to sleep on your futon) and walked to Priory. It was great! Probably the smallest church that I have ever been to but it was charming and friendly and a good picture of what Jesus really meant by fellowship…there was even a yummy lunch for the whole congregation after the service. I may start going there most of the time. I do like Crestwicke but sometimes the sermons are just not my style, but Priory, I love to just pick a passage in the Word and pick it apart for 45 minutes. I hope its like that every week.

This morning we looked into the story of the paralytic lowered through a roof to be healed by Jesus. I just felt that I needed to hear that because I have been reading that story a lot this week and had always been confused by a few things but I didn’t know how to get them clarified. Also, I never really realized how much faith it took to lower that guy through the roof…I mean they had to dig through a strangers roof while people looked on so they could do it. Then, Jesus healed his sins. Surprise! His sins first, then his legs. I will read that with much more awe from now on for the power of God and the love of Christ.

Time for some Michael Jackson and some dishes.

Where my Girls At?

This is a shout out to all my girls who slept over last night: you are fantastic. I love everything about you and your funness. I learned so much about all of you (and other things) we’ll have to do it again sometime. Its so fun to reminisce with people who understand and tell embarrassing stories when they aren’t so embarrassing anymore. You ladies are awesome women of God and great friends. Love you so much!

P.S. who wouldn’t be madly in love and topple over if Michael Jackson (the black 80s years) sang “The Way You Make Me Feel”? Please, you know it would get you. Go free Willy!

Themeless as of Yet

I am not sure what will come out today. So far an average day so no complaints.

Ah yes, but last night. Dr. Ravi Zacharias gave a wonderful, very intelligent talk on the meaning of life. One of my friends came and she enjoyed it as well so good good. But here is the thing, I don’t get it. I didn’t find what he had to say very powerful, while maybe I was just supposed to awe at his intelligence (and it was impressive). I just think that while he was not scared to talk about Jesus, and he was also trying to not force religion on people but encourage them to think for themselves….I dont’ know if they got his point about what to think of. If dont’ if they idea of a personal relationship with Christ as a possibility really came through so I think I would have been confused and just learned to value relationships with others more. I hope that I am wrong. The talk did do something well, it got the name of Jesus out there and it got people thinking…possibly the two will converge. Just to clarify though, I enjoyed his talk a lot lot.

As for today, its ‘Girly Sleepover” time. Woot. I have no idea how many people will show up but either way its gonna be a whole living room covered in mattresses and singing along to Hanson, the Spice Girls and the BSB. All personal favorites of mine! A topic last night at east sides…even though New Kids on the Block came out when I was young I never got into them. I think Backstreet Boys were my equivalent and because of that I will always hold a place for them in my heart! (By the by, Brian and Nick were my favorites…ew Howie!).

I did my hour at the Centre for New Students today. Second one. I haven’t really helped anyone yet. Maybe someday, but by this time, most first years have adjusted and feel pretty good about being at school. Can’t really bring the topic to God either…taboo I suppose…stinkin politics! 😛

Chocolate time!

God is Good

Update: I only felt like barfing for like 20 minutes before overheading my Research Methods class. The Lord is faithful to give me strength when I try to do things in obedience of Him…what a great thing! I didn’t really elaborate enough or get as excited as I really am but it went well and I wouldn’t mind doing it again (this coming from the girl who considered the least painful methods of breaking a leg or arm the night before a presentation in high school). Thats one thing. People always think that I am this big ol’ crazy person who loves to be the centre of attention and talk in front of people. While that is not entirely false (ok, I do like to be somewhere close to the centre at all times) I dont’ do well in front of crowds by myself. I want to get over it, I mean people who are public speakers seem to have pretty exciting lives.

Speaker? Did someone say speaker? Word association: World reknowned speaker—Ravi Zacharias! I am so pumped to hear him talk tomorrow. Especially since one of my friends is coming with me, someone I had never even considered inviting until God put it on my heart.

Word of the Day: Huzzah! It means an expression of joy or triumph. Its actually in the online dictionary…but where did it come from? Curious.

Short one for today…just trying to keep this baby alive and dancin!

Whiny MacWhinerson Returns

January 25th. It began as a day like any other. Well sort of. Actually today wasn’t like very many days I have had at university at all. First off…I got out of bed just 20 minutes after my alarm went off; usually thats just wishful thinking these days. Side note: I have been so tired lately and I can never get up in the morning…mono? Don’t share my drinks!

I didn’t have to rush out the door eating my toast at the same time, I had a leisurely breakfast that I spent with the Lord which was quite nice. (convicting and nice actually). For breakfast I had Bran Flakes and water. Did you know that Bran Flakes are actually really really good without sugar? Now you do. Or I do if no one reads this!

So breakfast, I am still reading a book that I started way back at the beginning of last semester. Its a worthy read I just havent finished the last few chapters…thats always the hardest, the end. The book is called “Do you Think I’m Beautiful”. I must say I find it somewhat embarrassing to read a book with that title but as much as my brain tries to shut down all its claims some things ring true. I did learn today that I can be weak willed at times. Its not something I’m proud of just something that needs to be worked on in my heart. I have no passions, thats the problem. I like lots of stuff…maybe my problem is I can never pick just one thing and stick to it. Also, I am WAY too sensitive. At least in the area of being included. I hate to admit it but I am horribly crushed when I am not invited to do something or I am left out. Childish? Yes. Intentional? No. I just want to be included. So today when I wasn’t asked to be a part of something my first reaction was to be petty and sulk and wish I got to play too.

Today this has been more of an accountability corner. Thats fine, sometimes I need to be accountable.

Done and Done

ps. Word of the Day: Moral Subjectivism (ok two words, one concept!). The idea that nothing (not anything, nope not murder, stealing, beating children) is wrong inherently. The only way that one of these things can be construed as wrong is if a person decides that for themselves it is unethical. But, since according to subscribers of this theory all morals are subjective we cannot look down upon or reprimand someone for an act we feel to be wrong as long as that person thinks that its ok. Who came up with this? Sounds like a big fat ol’ cop out to me. Get some brains.

Calgary and some Ravi

So I suppose I should post before a month has passed and I forget about this thing. As usual I have no life and have had no life since I last posted. I have made one decision though; I am applying to do the Calgary project! Wow, there I said it. Done and done. I am so excited to go, but I hope that what I think is God leading me there is not just me really wanting to see some stampede. I will admit some of the allure of this project is travelling since I have yet to see another province in Canada. Its so funny how I often glow with national pride when I see pictures of the vast landscape and mountains of the west and the beautiful coast of the east, yet I haven’t even seen them. There are no more a part of who I am than St. Petersburg Cathedral in Russia or the Great Wall of China; I havent experienced any of them. Actually, for all I know, they don’t even really exist. Weird. Conclusion: I need to see my country!

As for this week, Ravi Zacharias is coming to speak at the University. Wow. Wait, yeah its a wow but I don’t feel any buzz around campus. Maybe we really did thrive off all of the controversy of the Graydon campaign. Or maybe people learned their lesson, Don’t Talk Back to the Christians, and maybe they’ll go away. I still have to ask people to come with me. Correction, I have asked one person but I have a list of about 5. We’ll see. I am also overheading in my research methods class. Barf. I dislike greatly speaking in front of people. Barf Barf.

I miss home today. Not in a homesick kind of way, just that I want to talk to my family face to face. There’s no place like home…there’s no place like home…..


I am determined to write something in here today. I really dont’ want to give this up because it will be fun to come back and read when i’m…20 or 21 lol. As usual my interest in this is waning and it hasn’t even been a month. What am I gonna be like in a relationship or when (if?) get a career?!?! I’ll just keep saying to myself ‘the one month hump, get over the hump!”. I’m in one of those, everyone’s-life-is-more-exciting-than-mine moods right now. With 6 BILLION people in the world there must be SOMEONE who’s life is more boring than mine….i hope. Speaking of six billion people, do you ever wonder if there is anyone else in the whole world doing exactly what you’re doing at exactly the same time? I do. Or I start to think, wow right now as i (write my exam, watch tv, go for a walk, etc) someone is having a baby, or getting beat up, or bungee jumping! Or thanks to Margie, someone’s grandparents are having sex.

I shouldn’t complain though. I did just get back from one of the largest, richest cities in the world (Toronto, although sometimes i forget how cool it is to go there) where I stayed at the Sheraton hotel with 300+ other university students who are totally on fire for God! I shared my room with Jacquie and Margie that overlooked the beautifully lit up ice rink and UFO landing site of Nathan Philips’ Square. The conference itself was awesome, I learned so much just by being there. It was the whole experience not one specific moment that really affected me. In fact I didnt’ even know I was affected until the last night when I started to see some of the changes that God was bringing about. The New Years party was fantastic, good dancing, good music and a room full of university students together to pray into the new year.

We also got the Globe and Mail delivered to our door at the hotel every morning. I felt so grown up! I’m not sure what it is about newspapers but reading them (ok, or even just carrying one) makes me feel mature; whether I have reason to or not. The coverage on the tsunami was excellent, and horrifying. The first thing that struck me was it’s always the poor people, the ones who already dont’ have anything. I think I know part of the reason why. Here in North America we are all whiny ingrates (me included, I sulked most of Christmas day because I didn’t get the CD I wanted). If something like that happened to us I don’t think as many people would have the faith, the courage or the strength to pick up and start all over again. Why? Because our lives are too complicated, there are too many things to replace, too many THINGS. Pointless crap that we don’t need and it would give me an ulcer to try to replace that crap. I thought I would end on a positive note 😉