Monthly Archives: November 2005


Today was Sunday. While I have to admit that I worked on the Sabbath it was still a great day. I stayed at Becky’s last night to spend some time with some wonderful girls from Western, veronica and hannah! Of course a big Congrats is needed for Lauren and Trevor for their engagement. Definitely one of the most Christ-centered couples I have met, muchos blessings on you guys….you’re in my prayers.
What really got me today was the sermon in church today and the recent results from Porn Nation. So, Porn Nation has now come and gone but I don’t think it did so without making waves. While it was probably the smallest for turn out for any event we have had God worked in incredible ways. Michael Leahy presented the gospel and I would guess 85% of people stayed for it. I have never heard anyone tell such a large group of students about a personal relationship with Christ in such a real, honest way. I know that even if some people only sat there to be polite they heard something that could someday save their lives.
Praise report though: 10 people from Guelph and 14 from the other two schools accepted Christ at the talk. I can’t even describe how fantastic that is. So humbling.

Then today, Pastor Dave was talking about the year of Jubilee and how it was a time every 49 years (I think?) where God rights injustices, prospers land, returns land to who it belongs to, rights wrongs. It is a time of revival. The scripture he used is Is. 49:8-13, 61:1-2 and Luke 3:14-21. One of the most amazing things were the stories of revival happening within the last 100 years. When I say revival I don’t mean just quite a few people coming to Christ at a time but full out, God’s Spirit making the presence of the LIVING GOD known to everyone in that area. There was an area in Ireland in the 1930s that revival happened in and thousands and thousands of people knew the presence of God, they were ‘alive to the awareness of God”. How cool is that? Crime plummeted, talk of Christ was everywhere…all aspects of life were changed by God’s Spirit.

Thats what I want to see in Guelph! God can do that, we just have to pray! We also need to be a in a place where all the glory will go to God. We cannot change hearts. But we can be used!


lets not get kicked off

This is a quick blog, a sanity blog lets call it. I needed a few minutes away from my notes about how to retain customers and get them to use self-service technologies….I am still not sure how this will be relevant for the Kingdom of God but I sure want to be used! Anyway, tomorrow is the big day, the unveiling of Pornnation. It is this speaker from the US who expereinced the loss of almost everything dear to him because of his addiction to pornography. There is lots ot do but I have a great team and a great God on my side. Hopefully my ambition to continue updating on the event (Nov. 17th!––check it out!) won’t wear out once i don’t have to study any longer.