Can I collect unemployment?

The answer to that is an obvious no. Sometimes I question my choice to return to the soo for the summer. I really am happy to see my family and this will likely be the last extended stay at home (this is my wishful thinking that I will skip the move back in stage after school), but the employment prospects are looking about as bright as …. you know, things that aren’t too bright. I haven’t heard anything from my dad’s work meaning I think I lost the lottery (yes, they choose interview candidates by lottery…how nice). Home Depot: nuthin. Banks: not hiring.

I felt inspired. I went to Canadian nanny and registered (ok, so i’m not exactly sherry bobbins but I like kids). Turns out no soo families are in need of a nanny. So I google “sault ste. marie jobs”. Ok looks promising, there are two sites devoted to it. Oh wait, there is one listing? And its for an accountant? (an accountant i’m not). Oh the other site, wow 5 listings. March 1, 2006? Apparently I’m slightly behind.

Oh its not that bad. Just ranting. Actually the call centre is hiring. Luckily its the kind where they call you, not you call them. Its for those irate people who’s cars break down on the side of the I-something-or-other in houston and press “onstar” only to get some canadian teen.


One thought on “Can I collect unemployment?

  1. beth says:

    congrats on the car. only slightly jealous here…i really hope you work for onstar. i like the voices of the people in the commercial. i think you could do it. maybe you could sing to them if they are stressed, cause you have a nice singing voice, and then you could calm them down…

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