Monthly Archives: September 2006

Sweet sweet slumber

Last night I slept. For 6 1/2 hours straight. midnight to 630am. Woot woot!

The other thing that has me really excited today is salsa. My favorite is white corn and black bean by Presidents Choice. I often try to dream up ways to use salsa, or look forward to using it all day long. So you eat a lot of chips?, someone may infer. No, its good on so many things! Grilled cheese, wraps, eggs, rice, and the list goes on. I challenge everyone so say “Ketchup, stay away from my grilled cheese, I’ll let salsa take this one”. Or something like that.

Speaking of salsa, B. Mitts and I have been taking a social dance class, learning such hip moves as the Waltz and The cha cha. However, B. is tired of being the boy so, we’re on the lookout for people of the male persuasion who might want to learn to dance. The class is actually split almost 50/50 guys and girls (and its a big class, am I still in Guelph?).


Good weekend

Usually I sit down to a blog because something hit me as blogworthy over the previous few days. Today it is the need to feel productive without doing homework so somehow blogging falls into this category.

This weekend I spent it with some guelph friends over at UWO to celebrate a birthday and just hang out. It felt like old times when we found ourselves in the field with a frisbee, 3 guelphians, mere and ben. It reminded me that things are different but it was great to see them in their new lives.

Other highlights included meeting some great UWO people, singing every early 90s song we could think of while driving to a jazz club (all saints, coolio~gangstas paradise, no scrubs, its not right but its ok, and I could go on) and having a sleepover with miss V-roc.

On another topic, I have a class this semester about the evolution of capitalism. Sounds boring but it is actually very interesting. The first lecture was a fiery rant about how rationality has taken the magic and romance out of our world. Not what I expected from the capitalism class. Actually, the premise of the lectures is to prove that we have a form of self-destructive capitalism that is slowly evolving into socialism. In fact, the capitalism we have now is starting to more closely resemble the highly planned socialist economy more and more than true capitalism. You would never know with the ranting that you hear about capitalism in Guelph that in its pure form it would not include large, oligopolist corporations.


This saturday was the 22nd annual Vegetarian Food Fair in Toronto. A certain JW and I took the greyhound to the crowded metropolis for a full day of ranting hippies, yummy tofu shaped like meat and pictures of turkeys with halos around their heads. Does making an animal look cuter than it really is (because, let’s face it, turkeys are ugly) make it more worthy to live?
We emersed ourselves in the culture, not admitting to be on the outside looking in. We attended a free lecture, lured by the title “Debunking the ‘science’ of nutrition” which proved luring for the nutrition student. An elderly man from Cornell U, while well-spoken and highly educated, gave a too brief overview of a very complicated issue. He enlisted the same tactics that Bush used to convince us that war was inevitable and necessary (nuclear weapons anyone?) or that has opened up a market for devices like child GPS sewn into clothing…fear. Eat animal protein and you will get cancer. That was his conclusion, plain and simple, although beating around the bush was also employed. His fear summoning statement “animal protein may be the most dangerous and important chemical carcinogen in history”. Extremist? I think i’ll keep my cows milk and chicken fingers thank you.

Best part of veggie day: a small child yelling into a microphone “I liked the Hamburgers! HAMBURGERS!!!!!!!!!!” in the middle of a veggie convention. Classic.

library card

“Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card!” the Brain (The Arthur Show). I love that show. Also, I love libraries.
Yesterday I entered the guelph public library for the first time. The collection is slightly more extensive than that in my home town so i look forward to using my card. However, it is just plain ugly and uninviting. Where are all the oversized, puffy chairs? The open spaces? The calm atmosphere?
When checking out and signing up for my new card I found myself face to face with Regis Philbin, a Bollywood star whose name I can’t remember and selma hayek all reminding me that reading is cool. I already think that reading is cool (or I dont’ care that its nerdy?) but if I didn’t, i’m not sure if Regis Philbin would be the one to convince me otherwise.


“So you don’t eat meat but you aren’t a vegetarian?” A common question I receive since my meat intake over the school year is about half a chicken per year. I wasn’t really sure how to classify lack of animal tissue in my diet since I do sometimes like chicken or even the occasional hamburger (only if my dad makes it of course).
So its official. I’m not a vegetarian. I just choose to restrict my meat intake and find other sources of protein because I do not believe that meat is a sustainable resource. I didn’t even know I was one of them hippies from Guelph until now, but maybe I am.

I will not, however, follow anyone around with pictures of mistreated cows.


Bonjour/Hello. The most commonly uttered phrase in Ottawa. I now know that I could never work in that city because my french is atrocious. I spent four days there with the fam before coming back to school. None of us siblins had been there so it was an adventure. The city was probably the nicest, cleanest city I have ever been to.
As we drove into the city we passed a festival just moments away from our hotel. Wanting to get out of the hotel we unloaded and quickly went back outside to explore this ‘folk’ festival. Well we get to the gate and find out that its Ottawa’s Pride festival. We didnt’ pay to go in. I couldn’t help but wonder if everyone I saw that weekend was gay.

Things confiscated from our family by Parliamentary security:
One hacky sack (brother)
One nail file (mom)
One bracelet with spikes (sister)
I was confiscation free.

Favorite place in the city: National Art Gallery. They had everything! They had a Chagall of a goat and it was fantastic! There were paintings and other pieces of art from the 1300s and you could stand as close as you felt you needed to. Although, they don’t let you touch the walls. Woops.