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Warning: Do you really want to scroll down?

This is a blog that will represent where I come from.
Here are a series of pictures that were sent to me from
my cousin this week.
I will
write some
right now
so that the pictures,
which are a little
gross for those
of you
with a
weak stomach
can decide if
you want
to keep
scrolling down the
page or not.
this will
be sufficient.

Edit: After all that I forgot to say what it was. Its a dead moose hanging from ceiling of my uncles garage. It was so large the head had to come off so its sitting behind the moose carcass. Looks like jerky for me at Christmas!


Official Campus Bathroom Zagat

As a commerce student, a program without an official home, I have been somewhat transient in terms of classes and have had the opportunity (bad luck?) of experiencing most washrooms on campus. Sadly at this point I can only provide an official guide to the women’s washrooms on campus but I’ll see what I can do.

Most Pleasant Washrooms (as pleasant as public urine receptacles can be)
1) MACS (formerly known as HAFA). The washroom outside of the Atrium Restaurant was recently renovated with very stylish results. Purple tile designs above the sinks, rich shades of brown on the walls, silver stalls and (get this) REAL TOILET PAPER! Home size rolls and everything and soap silver soap dispensers that are not screwed to the wall (I’m not sure how long this will last). By far the best in washroom facilities this school has to offer.

2) washrooms in the new wing of MacKinnon. Stylish design, only a few stalls but usually empty and I have never encountered the foul, over-sed washroom smell yet.


Worst Washrooms on Campus
1) 1st floor of the UC. By far the WORST available. The smell lingers in the hallway, the floors are always wet and there has to be an unspoken no sitting rule (there is, isn’t there???). I would walk across campus to avoid this one.

2) First floor of the library. Without fail its busy and smelly and just plain ugly.

3) women’s change room washroom in the AC. No hooks to put your stuff, floor is usually wet. The sinks are always wet too. Most people have just been working out before using them too. Not pretty.

Most entertaining:
Second floor of the UC, tie between the radio station one and the one near the Ontarion. Example: A picture of Alastair Summerlee with devil horns, scissors and the caption “I like cuts”. It was really funny at the time. Various simpsons quotes and long running opinion polls. Never a dull moment.

The washroom I feel most likely to reenact the scene from I know what you Did last Summer with someone hiding on top of a toilet (maybe I have my movie reference wrong here but you get the point): ZAVITZ (1st floor). I don’t think i’ll even go in there alone. They also win for second creepiest elevator.

There you have it. The yet to be completed but very useful campus guide to washrooms. Maybe we should just hold it until we get home….

Confessions of an Unfaithful Blogger PART II

So I already titled a post this but then I realized that I didn’t acutally bother to confess anything.
What I had intended to say was that sometimes the act just writing the blog is enough to get the benefits. Sometimes I will sit down to blog and halfway through or even at the end I will realize that its too personal to post (or just more personal that i’m willing to get) and that I don’t need to actually post it. I just erase it and move on, but writing it gives me time to process. Its like journalling on a chalkboard. Which is effective for me since even when I journal its to get things out not to go back and read about it later.

Who knows, maybe I won’t even post this one, maybe I will.

The first snow fall today, I can’t help but mention it: GORGEOUS! Someone asked me if it feels like home, and yeah, it does a little. It brought back memories of Halloween when my mom, sister and I would go to Jo-Ann fabrics across the river and pick out a costume for my mom to make us. I would always beg to be a genie or a mermaid or anything but like that, but no, our costumes had to be large enough to fit a snowsuit underneath. So eventually I would always settle on some sort of costume with a large gown or cape (princess, native-american princess, queen, princess, ace of spades, you get the picture).

A funny story

Before my story I have an observation: The federal government stole my name and used it in one of its programs. Its called Katimavik. Its a program where young people just out of highschool travel around Canada for a few months and work in schools, volunteer, other jazz. But take a closer look: KATI-MA-VIK. My name is KATIe MArie VI**en. Basically, I am Katimavik.

This weekend is thanksgiving. Every year I know I can look forward to an extended bus ride from P19 on campus to the Zellers plaza (or Kmart Plaza if you’re a soo-ite) a few blocks from my house. By extended I mean 9-12 hours depending on traffic and how fast people buy food in Parry Sound. I was scheduled to catch the bus at 530 and arrived home in time to pack at a few minutes to 4, just as the Barrie car was taking off (Sarah, Jaxx and Karen). Setting my packsack down by the door as usual I proceeded to hang out in the kitchen. At 430 I finally decide to pack my belongings but cannot find my packsack anywhere. Then it hits me “its on its way to Barrie!”. It had my homework for the weekend, my wallet, all my money and my house keys. I called Sifton; nope they couldn’t lock up the house. Could I find the emergency Sifton number? Nope. Was I already late for the bus? Yes. In the end my mother called the man who organized the bus and had him hold it for me (luckily it was running late already) as I secured the house as best I could (my aunt later went back and locked it), and arranged to call Sarah when near Barrie and have our bus take a little detour to get my bag. It was a smooth switch but I’ll admit it almost didn’t happen. Oh life, how unpredictable you are.

We got in at 3:45am, I actually got some reading done. My mom was so thoughtful, they had two bottles of Perrier cooling in the fridge when I got back just because they know I like it (I know, I’m high class). I’m glad I came home.

Confessions of an Unfaithful Blogger

Usually when school starts up I find something, anything to blog about on a regular basis. This does not seem to be the case right now. Maybe i’m tapped out.

An observation: The word love isn’t mentioned in the story of Creation. It isn’t mentioned until about Genesis 20. No mention of God’s love for Adam and Eve, their love of God, or even of cheese for that matter. None at all. Maybe it doesn’t matter but I had never thought about it.

Rant: The marketing program at the university of Guelph (ok, well anywhere really but I’m speaking from experience here). Pointless. Why does anyone need 4 years to learn how consumers process advertisements? They don’t. The marketing courses are fillers to call it a marketing degree. I could have saved myself $60 000 and bought Marketing for Dummies and learned about the same amount. In fact, if i retained anything from the book I would have learned more practical crap about marketing than I have in the last 4 years. Even if I had learned a lot about consumers, who cares? I have no desire to propagate the culture of materialism. I will admit, I like stuff. But, I think on this note I should decide what actually contributes to to my life and what is filler. It may be harder to let go than I think.