I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike….

For my graduation present I received a snazzy new bi-cycle for zipping around town. It was difficult to choose one since I first wanted a cool street comfort bike (a “sit-up-and-beg” in Brit slang) but then they didn’t look as cool or practical in real life.

Here is my final selection:

It has done a pretty decent job of getting me off my lazy butt and biking around the city. Hills are still killer but I’m on it. Today I rode it to ultimate, played ultimate (poorly might I add, but at least I sweat a disgusting amount) and then back. Tomorrow the goal is to the library and back and then, later on in the evening, to girls night. The one downside is the stinky kick-stand they attached to it since it did not come with one (what??? is it childish to want to stand your bike up?). This bike-stander-upper is not firmly secured as is always flopping around. Overall a good ride, now I just have to work on the roads themselves: the Soo is NOT a bike friendly city.


3 thoughts on “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike….

  1. Jelena says:

    Not a bike-friendly city?*nervously clenching teeth* Are you wearing a helmet?!?!

  2. Katie V. says:

    That is very sweet that you care about my noggin. My helmet rule is that if I am venturing onto large streets or downtown then the helmet goes on.

  3. Silas says:

    you got a trek!! good choice. now if you have a helmet from that bike shop then maybe you’ll want to wear it nor matter what anyway!

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