new appendage

This magnificent piece of technology has become part of my being, an extra appendage although it would be less awkward if it came in ‘flesh-tone’. I needed a new camera because the digicam I have is great but 1) is waaaaay too massive to allow me to be inconspicuous in the least in a developing country 2) is crazy slow between shots (hey, people in the market, could you stand still while my camera finds itself?) and 3) it is completely inadequate for indoor shots, it just can’t do them.

This snappy young thing is teeny enough to fit in my pocket and continues to blow my mind with all of its neato features. For one, my very favourite right now, is the colour select option. What doest that mean? I can choose a colour in a scene and then the camera only registers that colour and the rest appears in black and white. Think Schindler’s List.Regular old ‘out-the-window’ picture becomes crazy with the blueness of the sky contrasted with the black and white of the street. Oh how camera functions make me a good photographer.

My camera happened to be on hand at work on saturday when Kumala the Ugandan Giant (!!!!) was just outside signing autographs. Apparently he is famous. And not Ugandan. He is from Tennessee.


2 thoughts on “new appendage

  1. Silas says:

    it seems like everyone (kirsten, shelly) is getting the sd1000. seems like a great camera.what happened to your template? it looks so bland on your site, no more pink flowerness

  2. Katie V. says:

    really? everyone else beat me to this snappy cam? ah well, it is pretty sweet.You can’t see my pretty flowers anymore? man…I’ll have to start looking for another template.

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