All about the Benjamins (translation: Queen’s heads for canadians)

With about 6.7 billion people in the world I guess I can’t complain about being the 837,849,304th richest person in the world. I could look at it and fret that over EIGHT HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE are richer than I am, however there isn’t a whole lot I’m about to do about it and this puts me in the top %13 of the world in terms of wealth.

Oh wait, did I forget to mention that the ranking above is MINE. Not my entire household income from living with my parents (their income puts them somewhere around the 51 millionth richest people in the world or top 0.85%) but MY income, after taxed, having worked for only 4 months of the year, for the summer, at $12 an hour. An amount that couldn’t come close to supporting a Canadian family (or a single for that matter). Living in the top %15 of the world, had i had to pay my own living expenses I would have little to show for it. An ipod? Not likely. The luxury of three months to expand my horizons and ‘find myelf’? Wouldn’t happen. It is pretty incredible to look at how underprivileged I feel when I can’t drop wads of cash for that really cute new dress in the store.


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