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name dropping

The local newspaper has once again put out its edition of babies from the previous year. I read it to find out what parents are calling their children since I am fascinated by names. This has brought a declaration, some names have to be stopped. This isn’t to say that they are bad names – many are great names – but they are too popular for their own good.

The winners of the droppage are: Ava and Evan. There were about 8 Avas out of 150 babies. What if they all end up in the same class??? I know at least four people with children named Evan.

Some runners up are Hannah, Jaden (jayden, jaeden, jadyn….).

My winner for favourite name: Tiia Pearl.

Most likely found while playing Boggle: Daxyn

On another note: I have a job. I wasn’t directly looking for a job at this location but my former boss scrounged up some money and brought be back two months early. Luckily I actually argued down my hours for this extra time to 20 hours. It is somewhat up in the air exactly what I will be doing but I couldn’t say no to a pay cheque (the first since September).


Back to their same old Shenanigans

The American government is throwing throwing more plastic on the fire of consumerism. In response to the frenzied terror the country is exhibiting at the looming recession is has already promised $150 BILLION dollars in tax rebates to families and businesses in the form of cash (BBC News). When governments return cash to citizens (although I believe the Bush government has dubbed the people consumers) the hope is that they will shop. The hope is that they will consume and, in turn, stimulate the economy. Is this a sustainable form of growth?

In all cycles the downturns have their place. This I can easily say while I am not in the position to lose a job or be unable to support a family. But this is the best they could come up with? First, continued consumption is redundant now in the USA (and countries like Canada and many European nations) with little in the way of needs being missing for most people. Consumption increases the waste/pollution produced by a very broken system.

Second, has it worked in the past? People started to consume after the war with America coming out as a world power and titan in trade and production. This benefited a massive portion of the population by raising their quality of life to middle class. Check one for shopping and production. The trade centres fell and Bush told the country to throw themselves further into debt, to shop, to stimulate the economy. Now the country is growing a hunch back from the weight of the debt from the war and ‘stimulated’ economy. No point for shopping here.

The only force the government of the people thinks it can muster any longer is the swipe of the collective credit card. Will buying lead covered toys made by poorly-paid workers in China be a long term solution? Maybe the money should go to producing more jobs in environmental protection. Maybe we should learn to live with drastically less material wealth with families back to living on one income (be that the man or the woman) because there is no pressure to buy the latest BMW or the highest definition TV. This is somewhat of a ramble. I get that. But there is little ground to gain for the North American middle class and the lower won’t benefit from any growth overall; promise. Gains from capitalism in this late form of the system go to corporate executives and lawyers.

Bring industry home. Produce in country and produce environmentally friendly products. Buy less. Maybe the US won’t drag us down with it.

i’m a fan

I turned my backyard into holy cheese with my snowshoes this afternoon. This between my exceptional business of doing not much but some homework, driving siblings around and realizing that I have to wait another year to apply for the programs I wanted to take.

My sister made a point to inform me 10 minutes ago that Heath Ledger has died. He was my teen heartthrob in high school with his appearance in 10 Things I hate About You and I remember my friend and I enduring a crowded theatre with an aged woman in excessive perfumage to watch A Knight’s Tale when it first arrived at the show. Whenever someone famous dies it has an unreal quality to it for me. Maybe it is because I never actually met them. Maybe it is different because they are immortalized in their films. This information will have no impact on my life but it was still shocking news. I’m not sure if the unsettling in my stomach is due to this or (most likely) my poor decision to eat pizza pockets for dinner. Ugh.

On another note, I am a fan of Brett Dennen. He is an outbreak star with something different to offer. Unique music is rare but I think at least his words are personal and the sound is mellow.

One song I love, Nothing Lasts Forever, is a melancholy tune. Perhaps it is about his grandmother, maybe his mother; he is losing someone. Many of his songs actually address the idea of mortality and using our lives. Listen for the little details in the lyrics.
“dancing across the kitchen in your orange handkerchief. Such a quiet disease.”

Putting the laundry into the washing machine I had to concentrate to keep my loose ring from slipping in with the clothes (the same ring I almost left behind in the Sudbury bus station this morning). Congratulating myself on my careful attention to detail and simultaneously checking my watch… watch??!?!? WHERE iS MY WATCH?! Luckily I saved her from the water cycle before it was too late.

Maybe I was tired from the 13 hours of bus time I put in to come home after two days in Guelph. It did not feel like 8 months had passed since the last time I was in the city. I really had no real sadness or longing to be back but did get to chill with some great peeps. My time also introduced me to the possibility of creating some of my own fun board games. For example, Hoopla, from the cranium company, could be created, with a bit of work, from magazines, a computer and printer and some laminating. I guess an oven timer too.

Full of Rink food

Saturday was my ‘one month back in Canada’. To celebrate I came to Pittsburgh with my uncle for 5 days. I can’t really complain since they treat me soooo well here. Tonight my uncle and my cousin and I watched the Penguins win their 10th straight game (of not losing) against the Rangers. It started on a positive note with the first fight 7 seconds into the game. It was also Maldik (oh, you know who I mean!), his second hat trick in the last few games. I can officially say I have seen Sidney Crosby play (and assist) even if I only found out who he was on Friday.

It was established that the hockey crowd of a sold out 17000 fans was the largest group I have been in the midst of (sentence technically over in a preposition….). On the way there I asked if I was the only one whose heart beats a bit faster whenever I realise I will be in a big crowd. Apparently I was the only one in that car. Once I’m there I have fun but arriving stresses me real good. My heart didn’t thank me for the ice cream and nachos either but I ate some whole wheat toast for breakfast.

Did I say I get treated well? Tomorrow is Bodies: The Exhibition. Basically a rip-off of Bodyworld; which is exactly why I want to go. Wednesday night my aunt and I will sit 17 rows from the stage to see the Lion King. First pro sports game live, first theatre live, skinned human bodies — how lucky can a girl be?

I crack myself up

I go over to friend’s house Friday afternoon. She happens to have a 4 year-old son and another baby of unidentified sex on the way. I managed to convince the 4 year-old that, if the baby happens to be a girl, she should have the name Cinnamon (cute, no?). He was skeptical at first but I persisted with my winning arguments (no, dude, its cool). He also added the brilliant plan that if, for some unknown and unexpected reason a Y chromasome ended up in the genes he should be ‘Dinnamon’. Brilliant. Why didn’t I think of that? Too bad he doesn’t have more sway with his parents.

Running out of Sheep

For the first few weeks back home my problem was just getting too much sleep. Out by 1am, awake by 11….12….1230pm. Very unusual for me but I went with it (partly because I had no way to fight my unconscious turning off the alarm). But now it is becoming INSOMNIAC II. A bit of an exaggeration, I realize people struggle with insomnia for months with hardly any sleep. However, it feels like insomnia. For about a week I have been faithfully ‘laying me down to sleep’ (thank you Sophie B. Hawkins) before, or close to, midnight. Maybe watching some e.r. and reading to finally attempt sleep when good and tired around 130am. I realize these could be the first of many mistakes, maybe I should be hitting the bed at 630 each night when I could put my head on the table beside my broccoli and drool onto my napkin. Anyway, the whole point of this ramble (See! Not enough sleep!) is that I end up lying awake until 7am or later going completely crazy. Last night I was partly overwhelmed by thinking about stuff (you know, deep stuff) but most of the other times I just plain couldn’t sleep. I hope it doesn’t come to drinking warm milk….ew.

In my shortened days I have already been able to meet with my new friend twice. The family moved here from Mexico 5 years ago, at first temporarily but has become permanent. The couple’s 11 year old daughter is in French emersion during the day so I hang out with the wife and their 3 year old son. It is good for both of us since we switch back and forth between Spanish and English (her English is quite good, she just doesn’t have english-speaking friends). The little boy just speaks Spanglish.

Getting my life together

I am cleaning out my room today and need to be utterly ruthless about what is keepworthy. Finally my whiny old grade 8 journals are headed out. I realize that sometimes those things are worth keeping, but these aren’t. It’s like being on, I had no idea I was so emo (and so ahead of the times!).

The things a mother does for her children. There is a new Mexican couple at her church and knowing that I am still searching for Spanish speaking friends she introduced herself and asked if they would give me a call (yes, I always make my friends through my mom). But the best part: they did! Today! I’m going over tomorrow to meet with the wife who speaks little English. It sounds like it is going to be a language trade but I may have to brush up on my English grammar if she wants real lessons.

Considering gambling as an alternative

My bank account is at its lowest since it opened. My total worth is less than $100 (i thought that was supposed to happen as a student!). This is a result of my decision to take a class at the local university however I may not be able to buy the book for the first few weeks haha. Which gets me to the real thoughts:

1. Getting to Guelph this month may be somewhat unrealistic.
2. That makes me sad
3. I can appreciate living in my parents home for free right about now.
4. I really need a job but I hate looking and my pride keeps me from wanting to try places of ‘lower status’. I mean really, I have an undergraduate degree…..

Why can’t I just want to be a teacher???