i’m a fan

I turned my backyard into holy cheese with my snowshoes this afternoon. This between my exceptional business of doing not much but some homework, driving siblings around and realizing that I have to wait another year to apply for the programs I wanted to take.

My sister made a point to inform me 10 minutes ago that Heath Ledger has died. He was my teen heartthrob in high school with his appearance in 10 Things I hate About You and I remember my friend and I enduring a crowded theatre with an aged woman in excessive perfumage to watch A Knight’s Tale when it first arrived at the show. Whenever someone famous dies it has an unreal quality to it for me. Maybe it is because I never actually met them. Maybe it is different because they are immortalized in their films. This information will have no impact on my life but it was still shocking news. I’m not sure if the unsettling in my stomach is due to this or (most likely) my poor decision to eat pizza pockets for dinner. Ugh.

On another note, I am a fan of Brett Dennen. He is an outbreak star with something different to offer. Unique music is rare but I think at least his words are personal and the sound is mellow.

One song I love, Nothing Lasts Forever, is a melancholy tune. Perhaps it is about his grandmother, maybe his mother; he is losing someone. Many of his songs actually address the idea of mortality and using our lives. Listen for the little details in the lyrics.
“dancing across the kitchen in your orange handkerchief. Such a quiet disease.”


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