I Think You Have a Little Something on Your Face

Sitting at the front desk after our morning meeting I opened one of the two subscriptions to the local newspaper to search for the usual (job postings, obits and garage sales). What stopped me on the second page was my own face. *Right, there was an article coming out about summer jobs* It would have been a reasonably flattering shot if not for the black smudge that happened display itself right on my nose. *Oh, must be a printing mistake, I’m sure the other copy is fine*. Not so much (although I later saw that my parent’s copy was sans dirt smudge so some of the city doesn’t think I have rampant skin cancer on my face). The administrative professional in our office (who was celebrated Wednesday on Administrative Professionals day) was kind enough to make me a black and white paper nose to wear in case students came in looking for the SJS Coordinator and didn’t recognize me without the carcinoma.

It wasn’t half as bad as what I was quoted saying. In all the explaining I gave about our services I mentioned that students were sometimes making the mistake of going downtown only to be sent up to our office because we could offer better student-based services (politics, there are two offices but ours is the only one that deals with students). Luckily my boss, of course, does want the traffic at our office but politics say that I better bend over for the boss down at the other office soon.

Short-lived fame. Monday I have to review all the resumes submitted for the positions of my assistant (it sounds glamourous to have an assistant but we work pretty on par). I’m looking forward to finding a good candidate and even a little to the (guilty) enjoyment of being able to judge what the candidates have submitted. But each has to be marked on a rubric and there are 20 or 30 or 40 of them. Maybe I’ll get to put in those extra hours before my holiday after all.


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