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Tomorrow we are outs. UK here I come! I plan to see everything I can in London and a few towns outside (Bath, Oxford and Stonehenge I believe). To be honest, I think I am looking forward more right now to just the time off work. What will I do when I’m a real grown up and I have to work 50 weeks a year with no fancy vacations???? Not get a monotonous job I suppose.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, right after I leave, so a friend is buying me one along with hers. For what? For me to live out my preteen fantasies. To see the Backstreet Boys! Live! In Concert! Sans Kevin! That isn’t really positive or negative. Something I should have done 10 years ago but will be seeing them right in here in my own home town at the end of the summer. A good for me, an obvious fall from grace for them to be playing here.


Can’t Figure it Out

Why was Jully Black (semi-famous Canadian Hip hop/R&B artist; was the female voice for “Money Jane” with Baby Blue Sound crew years ago) wandering around the Station Mall in the Soo for hours today? I saw her walk by twice (I was at a Youth Employment fair for work) and apparently she had been there for a long time. I was determined to ask her the next time she walked by but she didn’t. Traveling through? For the wilderness? For a show we hadn’t heard about?

[note: Case solved. She had a tour date in thunder Bay yesterday and has one in Hamilton tomorrow. Apparently she isn’t big enough to fly yet so the place in the middle of a 18 hour drive: Sault]

Dirt Under my Nails

On a show about gardening by CBC Radio someone mentioned that if each of us were to devote half of the space that we have outdoors (half a yard for house-folks or even half of a balcony with potted plants for apartment folks) to growing food we could noticeably reduce the strain of the world’s food supply (not to mention cut carbon used to ship ‘fresh’ foods) in just one season!

That got me thinking about our garden outside. So far it is nowhere near half at 3.5′ by 7′ (ish) but it will be enough for our family when it blooms. Yesterday I purchased the seeds and prepared the soil. Today I planted carrots, peas (the yummy kind where you eat the pod!), beans, cucumber, and will be adding potatoes (little teeny baby red ones), tomatoes, and yellow peppers! This was my first attempt at planting without much guidance so my father assured me that if I screwed up there was still time in the season to replant. I felt greatly encouraged.

The garden got a late start yesterday due to my Saturday morning ritual garage saling. I purchased two games (Outburst for just 10 cents!), some necklaces and waaayyy too many children’s books. The only adult books were “The English Patient” and……..that may have been it. But they were so cheap! Bernstein Bears, Robert Munsch, a potty book, Critter, and hardcover children’s books for just 5 or 25 cents! One of the best finds was a “You Are Mine” by Max Lucado in perfect condition. I will keep the ones i really did mean to buy for the future and give away the others to some of the many many children at our church.

Last weekend I took out the digital SLR for the first real time. It was in Blind River (ie. a little bush town 1.5 hours outside the Soo). The pictures were ok, just nice to have a camera in hand again. Something odd happened with the colour, though, and most were on the blue end of the spectrum. Thank goodness Picasa has a function to fix that.

Couldn’t if I wanted to

There is a challenge out there, possibly brought to mind while lounging with the library’s copy of Adbusters, to live on $1 a day.

This arises from the oft-quoted statistic that approximately 1 Billion individuals (human beings) live on less than $1 per day. That is food, clothing, shelter, water with no room for extras (or basics for that matter). It started me thinking that at this point it would be impossible for me to live such a frugal life. Not one day could pass where I wouldn’t even consume more than $1 of material.

Food isn’t the problem. Although, with rising food prices that we have been warned about for years, $1 doesn’t get what it used to we could conceivably plan meals in advance and buy in bulk to stay within budget.

Transportation could easily be taken over on foot or bicycle (uh, what if it rains??) to save the gas.

I’m not even talking about the money it costs to be using electricity, continually refrigerate food, keep a telephone in service; all things I would likely overlook.

One of the biggest difficulties would be my own mental health. I (or my insurance company when I have one again) spend at least $2 every day on fancy brain chemicals to keep me balanced. These slow release tablets of dubious usefulness carry warnings of severe withdrawals should a taker stop taking. Shakes, brain shocks, dizziness, dry mouth, vertigo, vomiting…..and so on. Well that sounds normal an fun. The point being, I suppose, is that I am a believer in the theory that there exists so much anxiety and depression in our society due to our disconnect from each other (caused in large part by over consumption/working/phone/internet/tv). So basically if we spent less in general to support our lifestyles we would likely be happier and less stressed and would not need the added expense of happy pills (which would be better named “not sad” pills or “apathy” pills, or possibly “stability” pills).

Apparently it is ok to designate $2 per day to my brain chemistry which would double the food available for one six of the world. Something is unsettling.

Post 300!

It is sunny outside. The warmest day in a long time. Something cheery for my tricentennial so I can put my rant next.

Like an Amusement Park without the Amusement

That is assuming that everyone finds them amusing (which is not the case but just go with it)

There was a Career Expo’ here yesterday. To be fair it wasn’t advertised as a JOB Fair. Good thing because there weren’t really any jobs to be had. In fact, many of the large employers actually refused resumes… a career fair. Just take them and throw them out! (not that I advocate wasting paper).

I was there to represent one of many many employment agencies, none who actually had jobs in their agencies I might add, that filled a good percentage of booths. I understand our desire to be there but it must have been a disheartening sight to see government agencies touting services in spaces where employers could have been. I left tired but the soul weary disillusionment. I have been experiencing that quite a bit lately which is counter-productive. Especially for my job where I have to help others but I constantly feel like I can’t provide the kind of help they want or any real help at all; I then want to avoid helping at all.

The Spice whos?

At a resume workshop tonight I was helping a grade 9 student (translating to about 15 years old) write a first resume. Somehow the topic came up and again I am incredulous at how large of a pop culture generation gap exists now with me and people in high school.

Me: “Do you know who the Backstreet Boys are?”

Much younger person: “uh, I think I’ve heard of them.”

The chasm that spread between us was immeasurable.

3 Days of Weekend

Should be refreshing no? I can’t say that it wasn’t fun, because it was. A wedding with fun people and good dancing on Saturday night and friends from school but it was all soured by the undertow of the nasty, goopy cold that began Saturday night and brought mucus and fatigue with it. With work coming up tomorrow and no possibility of missing for anything less than acute poisoning or sky diving accident I do not feel refreshed from the extra day at all.

At 930 right now I would already be in bed except that my sister’s mysterious boyfriend from Ottawa arrived last night and I have yet to meet him. Hopefully they will return before I can no longer hold myself upright on the couch. I’ll have to get back into my latest book, The Life of Pi, to keep myself alert. I had attempted to read it a few years ago but never finished. What was my problem? I’m now obsessed and just must consume more of this book.

First of the Season

Saturday I went garage-sale’ng. With a friend and a carefully mapped route using Map Quest.

It wasn’t incredible but a good start.

TriBond: $2
Jenga: $2
Clue: didn’t buy it but should have

The Great Gatsby: 50 cents
Three other books that just looked good: $1.00
50 Below Zero (by Robert Munsch! Who sells that???): 50 cents
Toilet Tales (a lively book about why animals can’t use a toilet…some good arguments): 10 cents!

Except for an obvious Flaw

In my next life (if i believe there were ‘next’ or ‘previous’ lives) i want to be sporty. I’ll trade my smart for sport and find out what it is like to be coordinated. To see the whole field in my mind and know where to be; to actually be a right-place-at-the-right-time person. To play for hours sans tired or bored or san without ever touching the ball/net/frisbee/etc.

It wouldn’t be easy to choose what to trade though. Maybe I could trade smart for pretty. Or rich. Maybe one life for each. Although if it was a trade it wouldn’t be easy to give up smart since I couldn’t imagine the tedium of school over again while being required to try. That sounded snobby. It just wouldn’t be an easy trade. I’m sure anyone who is athletic to give that up and see how the uncoordinated half lives.