How I Spend too Much Free Time

My new obsession is Photoshop. Specifically scrapbooking with the program. While I got into the paper version I often was discouraged from starting a project because of the plethora of supplies I had to take out, the lack of a good printer for details and the expense of the really fun items. Now everything I need is stored on my computer, literally at the tips of my fingers. Layouts can be created and changed in seconds (well created in minutes, changed in seconds). There is all kinds of free stuff online like papers and ribbons, etc. Along with tutorials on how to make my text glow or follow a shape or pretty much anything I could want. Thank you people-who-beat-the-path-first. Here is one of my latest creations from my time in Peru.


One thought on “How I Spend too Much Free Time

  1. omg this is awesome! how did you learn how to do this? I have access to Photoshop but have no experience using it. any advice about how to start? -Andrea from Wiracocha School way back last fall 🙂

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