Day 4: Still Missing

Carl has now been gone for 4 days. Before having a cat in the house here I never knew how much I love having a soft, furry ball of affection to greet me and follow me and chill with me while I do my homework. We are getting desperate with Thanksgiving coming up we won’t be in the house if he comes home. I printed up some posters and distributed them around the neighbourhood while asking anyone outside if they had seen him.

We had some very encouraging reports and followed them along the fence until we found another cat that would fit the description of Carl but was not Carl. Now this cat will disrupt our search, we will be getting all these calls about this other cat, while cool, definitely not Carlzipan.

Yesterday while searching the neighbourhood a bit closer to home a young guy said that a half hour before a cat fitting Carl’s description walked right into his house and then ran out again. Could it have been him? I hope that he is safe. But I’m leaving in half an hour to spend the weekend in Windsor with Mark’s family….mmmm really good pie.

This is Carlzipan:


One thought on “Day 4: Still Missing

  1. Silas says:

    i enjoy how you ended with pie. as if the cat is important, but pie means much more.

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