Weekend come and Gone

Good thing the latest hiatus between seeing Mark is just a day and a half this time. Tomorrow we hang out here then head home on Thursday for a few days. The leaves are supposed to be at their brightest right now.

Thanksgiving weekend had more pie than I could have imagined. But the dead-yeast buns are likely what caused me to pull a stomach muscle. This weekend I saw an apple tree for the first time. And picked an apple off a tree (10 pounds of apples to be precise). Apple trees are shorter than I expected, my drawings of apple trees as a child were pathetically inaccurate.

Other accomplishments: convincing the children at our massive thankful dinner that I am cool (it is always so much easier with kids). The oldest, L, taught me all about the Jonas brothers who I was (sadly?) ignorant of previous to Sunday.
Bit by a snake (Mark must be so tired of this story haha). It sounds tough until anyone actually saw the snake, measuring in at a fearsome 15 to 20 cm. But I was bitten nontheless and we’re going with non-poisonous because my finger has not turned black. Oh yeah, I was bitten because I tried to catch the adorable little snake, so my bad.
I purchased gum at a store with the confusing name “Piggly Wiggly”. Confusing because what does that have to do with convenience items?

This time to end, Carl is still gone. We are losing hope.


2 thoughts on “Weekend come and Gone

  1. Beth says:

    a) I am so sad about Carl!b) you have never seen an apple tree before!?c) Piggly Wiggly’s make me laugh!

  2. Katie V. says:

    I didn’t realize I hadn’t seen an apple tree until i saw one for the first time and it was somewhat surprising. They just don’t really grow up where I be from. The apples sure are juicy!

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