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They even have a Tori Spelling

It took a while but I found out some time this semester that the “Hills” people refer to in sentences like “I need to be home in time to watch the…..” was not a cooler name for “One Tree Hill” that I was not privvy to. It is actually a show all on its own! So I have no seen an episode.

Conclusion: I don’t get it.


Not my usual perspective

I don’t intend this post to be an argument for abortion. Although, after much consideration (soul-searching if you will) I find myself more pro than con to choice.

What triggered this line of thought was a blog I read over a week ago that really bothered me. I won’t link to it since it matters more what was said than who said it but basically this person thought they could never vote for Obama (or anyone) who supported abortion, regardless of their views in other areas. They did not say that they would automatically vote for the other candidate (if we’re talking the US, yes just the one other anyone mentions) but either way it is not a vote for who otherwise may be the better candidate. Because of one issue.

I can’t look at this from the perspective of a mother but I’ll just say why this bothered me.

1. The traditional (but I believe fairly sound) argument that if abortions are illegal women will still have them but through much more dangerous means (The Worst of Times, Particia G. Miller).
2. This candidate that supposedly supports abortion could still have a bigger impact on the overall number of babies aborted in the long run depending on their other policies. Are they going to do more to make birth control more accessible? Lessen poverty? Maybe it is more important to combat the conditions created by society that allow for unwanted pregnancy (poverty, rape, no access to birth control/education, abusive relationships, etc. etc.)
3. this is purely subjective but it appears a bit….selfish? stubborn? To risk the future of an entire group/people/country based on one stubbornly held belief.

Maybe I’m wrong. This post seems to take the position that this person is the best candidate aside from this one belief. This hasn’t been proven. I don’t love the idea of women choosing to end a life (in the majority of cases that they indirectly or directly chose to create) but I do believe in giving people the option to choose, even the wrong choice. I’m surprising myself.

Not blogging about it

The situation in our house has become more strained in our house over the week. I struggle to determine the true reason behind the problems especially one person is having. There was an incident when a bunch of Guelph friends visited that, out of anger and frustration, I had written a blog about but then chose not to post. I erased it. It still feels that I can’t give any more details about what is happening but it makes being at home somewhat uncomfortable at times.

On top of that, my freedom, due to the beater, has potentially been cut short. Driving to pick some books last night with my housemate another car pulled out right in front of us and I was forced to hit the breaks hard. Since then the breaks no longer respond much when used. Yes, they stop the car but are completely loose until my foot is almost at the floor and then the vehcile swerves while stopping. He is on his last wheels.

My housemate’s grandfather was kind enough to take me to school today because I didn’t feel comfortable driving without breaks in the snow storm this morning but this means no ride to dinner tonight, getting up at 6am to catch the bus on Saturday. Part of me wants to just risk it. I’ll drive slowly.

Like a collander (meaning a little strained….haha)

The parents of the housemate I am closest with have gone to Rwanda for just over a week. Neither housemate nor her brother drive so I have been graciously lent “the beater” for the time being. It is a lesson in being prideful. The rust I can handle. The rubber from the wipers that trails when wiping? No big deal. No radio, ok. Doors that don’t work, the obvious age (1991?), the dirt….hey, it drives right? But, the lack of a muffler. Now I’m not an especially prideful person but do I look poor in that car. The old girl likes to call attention to herself as she revs up the hills.

Being in the car with others makes it a fun adventure. Being in the car alone and my self-conscious, materialistic side comes out just a bit. This afternoon was amazing though. Housemate’s grandparents treated us to the Mandarin (what is that place?) for lunch so we all (Housemate, Housemate’s Brother, grandma & granpa with me driving) pile into the tin can and roar off to eat. Some of the best conversation I have had in months. I miss grandparents.

Clash of the Sirens

This is the first time in all my moving around that I have ended up in a house where personalities just ram into each other head first*.

One person in particular can only seem to communicate via written note on the refrigerator.
-Take out the garbage
-House meeting
-Don’t use her plates and bowls (another difficulty with the house: a few people vehemently refuse to share, who has heard of three separate cutlery drawers???)
-This morning i got the pleasant: “Katie, do NOT use my pan. You scratch it up”
Ouch, considering I didn’t use it. Ew, I have my own pan, with stainless steal: I’m afraid of Teflon!

The tension is creamy and has a bitter aftertaste. Adding to the mix are two cats (whom I love dearly) but are barely tolerated by one other roommate. Yes, this post is a bit whiny but I’m a bit frustrated. Yes, I actually do try to sort this out in a adult-like manner and talk to these people myself. This is step 2, when I’m alone in the house, and annoyed.

*While Calgary project had its share of petty disagreements it doesn’t count for two reasons:
a) it was mostly pleasant
b) it wasn’t exactly a living situation as much as a psychological experiment with that many females (read: hormones) living in such a confined space

Seamonkeys Day 1

A housemate was gifted a sea monkey kit this week so we promptly took it home, waited the 24 hours to let water sit out and added the smonkey powder at 3pm today. Right now it looks like slightly murkier regular water. Luckily they should be much less maintenance than a cat, not requiring their first feeding until 5 days after hatching. Disadvantage: little affection. Benefit: hours of intellectual stimulation. Since reading Archie comics with mail-away coupons for s’monkeys I have been fascinated with the idea and this will be my first glimpse of the flecks of shrimp eggs.

Also, tomorrow is my last midterm: syntax. Definitely a challenge, but interesting. I must also complete a stats assignment, my chapter of our Spanish story and the written portion of an interview for Spanish class to be presented on Thursday. After that I am mostly home free until exams and I will have access to a car (which I am told is a junker and embarrassing to drive) for about two weeks.

Maybe they weren’t trying to be funny

This week I have come across some ironic stuff (or just regular funny?)

-a bake sale for diabetes (there have to be other ways to raise money!)

-Canada Post raising money for Mental Health

Clerk: Would you like to donate $1 to mental health?

Me: Sure. (thinking: yeah, I support mental health, why not?) What organization does the money go to?

Clerk: Um, I’m not exactly sure. Well, you can see this brochure, it is through Canada Post itself.

Me: Oh I get it, post office supporting mental health causes. Cute.

A vicious cycle

Since catching up on Bones (and now eagerly awaiting Wednesday night) I needed a new show to procrastinate with on demand. So I downloaded Man vs. Wild and Survivor man, not remembering which one was the coolest. Man vs. Wild. Bear Grylls is completely insane and that makes good ‘reality’ TV.

For those unfamiliar with the Discovery Channel show this guy gets dropped out of a helicopter over some inhospitable and/or dangerous habitat with a knife, a water bottle and maybe a flint. Oh and clothes, no he isn’t naked (all the time). Then the show is over when he finds his way to help. Places I have gone with him so far: Costa rican rainforest, Moab Desert, French Alps (where he ate maggots and a live fish).

Three foods Mr. Grylls would take on a deserted island:
1) avocados
2) mayonnaise
3) chocolate

Three foods I would take:
1) chocolate (definite agreement here, but it has to be the milky kind)
2) my dad’s chili (we obviously aren’t concerned with how this will actually stay fresh)
3) clementine oranges

I’m assuming there will be pineapple and coconut there just hanging out so those don’t need to be taken (not that coconut would be).