Cookbook (Image) Perfect

I have never been an exceptional cook and that is still the case. But, to add to my lovely bread from a few posts ago I also made wontons for Mark and I the last week I was there. They were the most beautiful wontons I ever saw! So perfect and wrinkly-like-brains, they cooked well without bursting open like the first time I attempted vegetarian wontons in Calgary (with some real Asian cooks overseeing of course).

I think it was partly the bit of raw egg I mixed into the veggies are partly the fact that I did not over fill them. The innards were shredded carrott, broccoli, bean sprouts, green onion, garlic and some black bean sauce all sauteed together. Oh, but they were bland. So taste was a problem. A good idea would probably have been to use a recipe. However I would like to try to use other recipes as inspiration to spice up my boring wontons next time. And put more effort into the broth, which was just dull. But the basics are all there just waiting to taste really amazing!


One thought on “Cookbook (Image) Perfect

  1. Beth says:

    a. Mark’s face is great.b. “A good idea would probably have been to use a recipe.” HA.

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