Dues: Paid

After 4 months of being on the waiting list I nabbed an appointment with a counselor on campus. She was the first one to suggest that this is as good a time as any to wean myself from the mood-altering red caplets I have been taken for over 2 years now. Except we’re just going to take it exceptionally slowly; like cutting the dose in half within the semester.

The main reason I am continue taking these babies is how amazingly not anxious I feel, but I don’t want medication to be the permanent solution. The prob: in order to get off them I need to be able to manage the anxiety but to learn how to manage it I should probably feel some. We’re going to go half way and potentially bring back a bit of the anxiety at a time then practice reeling it in without drugs. I don’t really look forward to fearing the basement again (it is more convenient to be able to do my laundry whenever I want) but short term pain for long term gain. I drop down in a week or two then wait and see if anything changes.


2 thoughts on “Dues: Paid

  1. Beth says:

    this is exciting! i think heather is doing something similar this year too 🙂

  2. Katie V. says:

    It is pretty exciting. Now that you mention it about Heather I think you are right! I should call her and see how it is going.

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