Off to a Slow Start

Usually the first week of any semester is overwhelming. Usually. But with most of my extracurriculars not starting up right away and no real friends to catch up with the first week is actually proving somewhat boring.

My new classes look interesting (keeping Spanish & Stats, adding Child Development, Physiology and Phonology). I plan to attend a ‘tertulia’ on Wednesday nights which is just a discussion group in Spanish hosted by a professor here. Anyone can attend with any level of the language and the goal is to practice and improve.

With the slow start in mind I have been watching a fair amount of e.r. My emotions tend to keep themselves tightly packed inside, especially tearful ones but tonight I actually leaked a little. Not much but for me a little can be therapeutic. I was caught off-guard by the episode where Lucy dies. Most stuff on t.v. doesn’t get me but Lucy being killed by her schizophrenic patient and bleeding on the floor while the staff celebrates valentine’s day with loud music that covers her screams….it just, well, gets me. I wasn’t expecting his episode for another half season. For future reference it is Season 6, episode 13.

Note: Lucy’s murderer on the show now plays Prof Charlie Epps on Numb3rs. It causes some likeability issues for me.


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