Unexpected Motivation

Going to the gym isn’t my favourite thing. Most of the time I am fairly adept at justifying my decision not to workout but lately I haven’t had to. Western just opened its brand new gym and it is massive. Poorly laid-out but well-equipped. So I have been going 2 or 3 times a week (partly on the recommendation that exercise will probably benefit my progression off of the meds).

Monday morning I woke up excited to go to the gym between classes. Excited?! I even tried to talk myself out of it since it wasn’t planned but I insisted on carrying my stuff around all day. I then invested $8 for a month of towels to encourage going (it makes a big difference not having to bring my own toalla=towel). So far I have used one (I need to use at least 8 in 30 days to ‘break even’ on my investment). Tomorrow I will use another between classes. Let’s hope this is a wonderful change in lifestyle and not temporary insanity.


One thought on “Unexpected Motivation

  1. NateS says:

    Good for you! I am trying myself to get motivated and it is tough to start. I have used my blog for accountability as if I don’t follow through then I’m pretty much telling the world that I suck! lol Keep it up! 🙂

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