My 24th birthday was shaping up to be pretty pathetic. No real plans. Homework. Dinner (somewhat out of pity, let’s be honest) with my boyfriend’s sisters.

But Mark to the rescue! He arrived at my door at 2pm yesterday with no warning. I hadn’t heard from him the night before or all day yet and was resisting the annoying girlfriend desire to message him constantly and call to see where he was. I’m glad I played it cool because his absence was travel related!

What a great birthday surprise! He’s here until Tues to celebrate with me and even the most mundane birthday seems special now. It was completely unplanned on his end too (which adds to the romance in my opinion) he decided Friday night at 430 pm and left the next morning at 430am. 430 am! He must really love me. 4am blows.

I opened my gift a bit early too:

Lonely Planet: Best in Trave 2009 (we spent the afternoon planning our hypothetical round the world trip only going from west to east)
Bastard Tongues: all about Creoles….its perfect!
AND a nifty wide angle/macro lens attachment (which I still need to test)


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