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You Just Know

One of the most annoying answers to a question lots of single gals want to know (I’ve asked it myself): How do you know he is the one?

When the most important thing is knowing you’ll be together. For me it has been the (almost) sudden realization that, if it came down to it, none of those childhood fantasy weddings, or honeymoons, or diamond rings, or big houses really matter.

I don’t need a big hall, or a big party, or an expensive cake, or a fancy ring, or lots of presents, or a big crowd, or a pouffy dress, or really any of those things. Although some of them wouldn’t be accepted gladly. Of course I want to feel special but I’ve just realized that I can compromise and that I’d give up some of the glamorous things if it meant him being happy or us being together sooner. I’ve known for a while but this is just one other level of knowing.


Dead is the New Alive

At least for celebrities.

Just this week:

Farrah Fawcett
Billy Mays

They come from all levels of celebrity but still more or less household names. Apparently occult brain injuries are in too (Billy Mays & Natasha Richardson)

Expected today: Studying for a test. Mark visiting for lunch (yay!). Breakfast.

Unexpected today: Michael Jackson died.

This may be our North American Lady Di, although I doubt I’ll remember where I was when I found out though (for Diana I wandered upstairs early in the morning because I couldn’t sleep and my parents were watching the news). He pretty much had to die young, I don’t think anyone could really believe him as an old man. His tragic metamorphosis over the last two decades had to end somehow (sadly, it wasn’t with his upcoming comeback tour).

His music is almost universal. I’d guess that most people have at least one memory connected to one of his songs. My strongest association is Free Willy (also rocking to this with B.Mitts to the haunting drums).

Celebrating two Years

Mark and I have been an official couple for two years and 2 days. And we still like each other. And to celebrate we exchanged cards (his for me included roses) and went to a concert.

Marianas Trench to be exact. Emo pop-punk at its most talented. Actually. They are all classically trained singers (f’ing choir boys, according to the lead singer) and harmonize throughout their songs. The lead singer had underage girls grabbing every area of his body as he serenaded them with great feeling. One of the young’uns even interdigitated with his outstretched hand…who does that?

The lead singer seems to be the only true emo of the group who actually cries himself to sleep at night. He tried to end the show with a love song to his youthful addiction: heroin. But we weren’t having it so they continued to the long-anticipated Shake Tramp. And with the bassist looking like David Boreanaz….oh yeah.

Earning my Nickname

My very first blanket has been completed!

Hoping this turns out to be a cheap baby gift alternative. And makes me feel productive when I do things like watch LOST on my computer.

Two weeks until the completion of my final undergrad class…so of course this is how I should be spending my time.

Not wanting to admit it

But I’ve officially become one of those girls who only hangs out with their boyfriends. I’ve disappeared. I never thought I would one of those people but it is so easy to do. Partly I try to fit in as much time with Mark as I can knowing that I’ll be in Toronto very soon and missing him like crazy. Another point: I’ve just become socially lazy because I’m content with just Mark. Being with people all day at work and working with clients all day takes out my need for socialization at night. Funny how life can change so quickly. I always thought I’d be alone until I was in my 30s.

Just don’t call me Late for Dinner

I’ve collected a few nicknames at my place of employment this summer:
Vixxen: a carry over from last year
Weird girl: this is my moniker during our lunch posse outs
Nonna: the most recent, translates as grandma in Italian. It stemmed from my habit of taking unfinished things in my purse for later (the can of juice I didn’t open at a press release thing today. hey, free juice!). It could also be related to my garage-saling, gardening and crocheting….

Got put in my place

by a bunch of old ladies at my first yoga class tonight. Ok, well that isn’t exactly the style of these people to “put one in one’s place”, but that is some crazy *beep*. Apparently not all the poses have easy names like downward facing dog but there was a cool one about being an beetle stuck on its back. I’m not sure if I’ll go back. I wish there was exercise I could combine with my new relaxation found in crocheting. I’ll put up a picture when I finish but my mother has been supervising my first work: a baby blanket in boy colours. 23 of 60 rows done. So far I’ve only had to pull out about 4 rows. This is going to be my new thing, it makes me productive when I catch up on LOST (what, all pregnant women on the island die? I’m that far behind). Plus it is a cheap baby gift alternative.

Other peaceful developments: the pea and carrott seeds are in the ground (no sprouts yet though!) and the broccoli, cauliflower, rosemary and spearmint have been transplanted into the garden…let’s hope the current frosts don’t get them. I’ll be experimenting with my spearmint and chamomile plants once they become established to make fresh tea.