Got put in my place

by a bunch of old ladies at my first yoga class tonight. Ok, well that isn’t exactly the style of these people to “put one in one’s place”, but that is some crazy *beep*. Apparently not all the poses have easy names like downward facing dog but there was a cool one about being an beetle stuck on its back. I’m not sure if I’ll go back. I wish there was exercise I could combine with my new relaxation found in crocheting. I’ll put up a picture when I finish but my mother has been supervising my first work: a baby blanket in boy colours. 23 of 60 rows done. So far I’ve only had to pull out about 4 rows. This is going to be my new thing, it makes me productive when I catch up on LOST (what, all pregnant women on the island die? I’m that far behind). Plus it is a cheap baby gift alternative.

Other peaceful developments: the pea and carrott seeds are in the ground (no sprouts yet though!) and the broccoli, cauliflower, rosemary and spearmint have been transplanted into the garden…let’s hope the current frosts don’t get them. I’ll be experimenting with my spearmint and chamomile plants once they become established to make fresh tea.


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