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The Proposal

But not mine. The movie. Fooled….anyone? Too obvious?

I might have a little girl crush on Sandra Bullock; she is so hot in this movie. It (briefly) made me want to go to the gym 6 days a week and stop eating carbs. Props to Ryan Reynolds as well but really, go Sandy B. This flick was hilarious and sweet and not even a total chick movie (but more a chick movie than not, let’s be honest).

Garden update: HUGE. Zucchini: ready to be picked. Potatoes: bushy, need to be mounded more. Peas: a’flowerin. Broccoli: edible-sized (if that size is ‘bite’). Cauliflower: invisible, sadly the cold weather has stunted the growth of this yummy veggie.

School update: the next big challenge is textbooks. No one likes to stare down the barrel of $800 in paper and ink. For one semester. Better things I could get for $800

1. and ipod touch and a new wardrobe
2. a laptop
3. a place ticket….don’t really care the destination
4. a handmade quilt from etsy along with another $650 in cool home/room decor
5. laser hair removal (yep, I said it, and want it).


Emo Band Math

How old the Emo band looks: 12
Add 5: 5+12 = 17, Oldest anyone is willing to believe the band is
Add 15: 17+15 = 32, Best estimate of Emo band’s actual age

Mark took me out on a date last night. We found out that neither of us really like fancy food and we like our Pad Thai to taste like Pad Thai (not asking too much, are we?). Fancy restaurants always ruin great food with fancy ingredients. Think that cappeletti sounds good? Except for the blue cheese. No mushrooms, baked squash or mold for me, please!

The second half of the night was spent at a local club/lounge/bar watching a local Emo-punk band. The math above applies to them (note: I haven’t actually confirmed their true ages yet). The music was good but the lyrics were….written by 12-year-olds. The bassist could have been a younger and much more awkward little bro to Michael Cera. The show was to kick off their (10-day!) tour. Hopefully the balding drummer has his license or someone’s mom is also going on tour for 10 days. Not bad for local though. More creative lyrics and they could draw some decent crowds.

Hoping I’m not Being Scammed

For the second time I have agreed to rent a room from 8 hours away on the word of the landlord. If I get what they promise I’ll be living in a classy townhouse in the LGBT area of Toronto just 2km away from the majority of my classes (not perfect for walking but definitely bikeable).
–Large furnished bedroom with two big windows (yay, no playing tetris with my furniture in the back of my mom’s van).
–All inclusive hydro, parking, internet, phone, dishwasher, AC….
–Free access to the condo pool (ozonated), gym, tennis & squash courts, etc.
–Sharing a bathroom with just one other female student

Things I’m excited about:
–Frosh week! Yep, even us old grad students get our very own activities
–Indian food!
–Getting started on these final two years of edumacation
–A normal bed not 3 feet off the ground
–Visits from Mark 🙂

Good News

This Monday I received an email telling me that I received a scholarship for my grad program!

A few thousand bones for tuition.


A few thousand bones for TRAVEL!

Somewhere 2011* is ON!

Of course, they aren’t just giving me money and telling me to travel (not that I really need any ideas). My grad program includes 4 unpaid placements, the last being 2 1/12 months. It is this last placement that I’ll be spending in a developing country of their choice. Them being the International Centre for Disability & Rehabilitation.

*This was previously India 2011 but the location is now a mystery.

As seen on Hwy 17 North

Just past Agawa Indian Crafts towards the soo….good thing we stopped so I could use their facilities.
A young bull moose with cute new antlers. My dad wouldn’t let me get closer than 40 feet from him. Thidwick here didn’t seem to be bothered by me at all; he dug around in the marsh for a bit then headed deeper into the swamp. This visit to Wawa: 1 moose, 1 partridge, 1 alien-looking crustacean in Hawk Lake. This thing was messed up, I’ll post pictures when I get them.

Uncommon Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss seems to get the most credit and recognition for just a few of his books: The Cat in the Hat and How the Grinch Stole Christmas being two of the most beloved. However, the cat in the hat can be considered comparably dull next to many of his other creations. If you like Dr. Seuss (or if you just like fun), try these other books.

Scrambled Eggs Super
–A young Peter T. Hooper gather eggs from birds all over the planet to create his amazing scrambled egg dish. You just know all those birds are going to have hilarious names.

Batholomew and the Oobleck
–Batholomew, assistant to the king, saves the day when his boss decides to have his magicians conjure up some new weather. The sky begins to shoot down sticky green oobleck that covers the entire kingdom. A touching story about being content with what you have and admitting when you’re wrong (even if you happen to be royal)

McElligot’s Pool
–Who knows what you might find in McElligot’s pool. It might include wonderfully rendered cowfish, rooster fish or thing-a-ma-jiggers.

The 500 Hats of Batholomew Cubbins
–didn’t know Dr. Seuss had recurring characters*? Well dear old Bart returns with a crazy assortment of head coverings.

*He makes it into one more Dr. Seuss story called The King’s Stilts. If you grow to love Master Cubbins you may want to check this one out, too.

Other notable favourites: If I Ran the Zoo, Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose (I don’t know if the large-hearted Horton was pre- or post- Thidwick), On Beyond Zebra, The Cats Quizzer, I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today

Note: While checking the wiki-list to be sure that I hadn’t missed any of his greatest I came across The Seven Lady Godivas….where none of them wears clothes. Apparently this was Geisel’s one and only illustrated adult book.

Notable This Week

This week looks extra social. Mark and I are going from never calling or making contact with people we like to having almost every evening booked. Don’t get me wrong, I like people! I’m pretty excited. But I also have to be sure to get some down time (people can get tiring when you’re not used to having friends).

–I made scones from whole wheat flour this morning to bring on a coffee date with a wonderful hippie to talk gardens, composting and grassy organic butter.
–Mail received:

Apparently, if you register for a Petro Points card online, you can get them to send you mail under any name you desire. Unfortunately the card doesn’t have a name, drats! Any Friends fan knows what the P. stands for (it should actually be P.C. Bananahammock)

–(not actually this week) Mark had an empty wall in his living room so we covered it with matte-vinyl in the shape of a world map. So classy. From etsy.

–Found green caterpillars eating my broccoli. Picked them off and threw them into traffic. Broccoli plants looking a little better.
–Lots of the cousins (and their respective parents) visited over the weekend. Played entirely too much Apples to Apples. The cousins are finally old enough to be treated like real people. Fun times were had.

3 days Free

This is the third day that I haven’t ingested any mind-altering substances. Too bad the end of this ‘high’ is just coming off Effexor. I’ve been weaning myself from this stuff/crap since March or April. Wow. Could this take any longer? Even stepping down one dose at a time in month three week intervals is bogging up my brains. *brain shock* Cross my fingers I don’t go emo any time soon but as of right now I feel ok. The brain shocks are all over the place and I’m a bit more emotional than before but nothing that isn’t normal or can’t be handled. I’m tired of putting money into the pockets of mega-pharm. Looking back I sometimes wish I hadn’t chosen the drug route, that I would have been stronger and not fallen for the solution being offered to waaay too many people these days. But then again, it really did help.

That means two months to adjust to feeling all of my emotions again before the big challenge of heading off to school.

I hit up JC Penny the other night and scored some sweet deals. I’ll be living in Toronto so I figured it was about time that I owned some skinny jeans. *brain shock*. The list of criteria for my sweet new place there that I haven’t found yet is growing too:

-within walking distance from school
-gym in the building (no excuse not to go!)
-affordable (ha!)
-two or three housemates

Maybe it isn’t the longest list but being cheap and having high expectations don’t really fit together in downtown T.O.