Hoping I’m not Being Scammed

For the second time I have agreed to rent a room from 8 hours away on the word of the landlord. If I get what they promise I’ll be living in a classy townhouse in the LGBT area of Toronto just 2km away from the majority of my classes (not perfect for walking but definitely bikeable).
–Large furnished bedroom with two big windows (yay, no playing tetris with my furniture in the back of my mom’s van).
–All inclusive hydro, parking, internet, phone, dishwasher, AC….
–Free access to the condo pool (ozonated), gym, tennis & squash courts, etc.
–Sharing a bathroom with just one other female student

Things I’m excited about:
–Frosh week! Yep, even us old grad students get our very own activities
–Indian food!
–Getting started on these final two years of edumacation
–A normal bed not 3 feet off the ground
–Visits from Mark 🙂


One thought on “Hoping I’m not Being Scammed

  1. nadine says:

    Things I'm excited about:1. You found a place!2. In my city!3. We can be real friends!

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