A Cog in the Consumerist Machine

Oh Christmas. A big struggle of mine is to avoid purchasing goods that I don’t need and be satisfied with what I already had. Well, I cracked over the holidays (and I still have to buy textbooks….where is the “queasy” emoticon when you need it?).

It all started with an apple. It is, of course, a glorified email checker. A gloried email checker with time-sucking games and pretty graphics. My favourite ‘app’ so far is the CBC Radio one….mmmm Vinyl Cafe.

Then, from wonderful Mark, I received one of the most spectacular pieces of technology I have ever owned. It is called a BAMBOO and it is glorious. I can write in my chicken scratch and it translates it into type. It is pressure sensitive: a lighter touch means a thinner line; press harder and get a thicker line. The main reason for the gift is my digital scrapbooking hobby. Unfortunately, my current/old laptop is so clogged that I am unable to open the necessary photo editing software.

Which leads to my true consumerist glitch: a new laptop. I fell for Boxing Day. The beast (aptly named “Zack Morris”) just three years old but with a stuck mouse button, a screen that doesn’t stay where it is placed, etc., etc. It has been replaced with a shiny new Samsung. I agonized over my choices with both my brother and my manfriend being subjected to hours of “But will it run Photoshop?” and “Which one would you buy?”. I feel like a got a decent deal and it runs more than one program without stalling so check one for me. The screen is lovely.

A few other fave gifts I received (in no particular order):
– TWO Mr. Potato Heads! (one regular, one spidey….great for SLPs)
– A custom t-shirt with Bill Nye the Science Guy’s mug on it and the line “Science Rules” (the back reads “Inertia is a property of Matter”)
– Bananagrams

Some of the favourite gifts I gave:
1. Hamgburger Phone. To: mini-sister
2. Hand-made scarf. To: boyfriend. (it looks rather handsome on him).
3. Ice cube tray that makes teeny glasses (ok “shot” glasses). To: mini-brother
4. Beer. To: dad.


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