No Two Birthday Cards are Not on Fire

While away on placement I celebrated a birthday and received a magnificent card from Hi-C.

First watch this StrongBadEmail.
Warning: many of the following jokes are speech-language pathology related. I will translate.

*Males are much more susceptible to almost all communication disorders. Autism averages 4:1 for males. Stuttering: the ratio of boys to girls is about 1:1 early in life but males are much more likely to persist in stuttering (vs. spontaneously recovering with development). Just for a few examples.

Focused Stimulation is a therapy technique that facilitates language acquisition by choosing a specific target and modeling it repeatedly while interacting with a child.
There is no Wawa Way. But I did live on Maple St. And there IS a general store. That’s where the moose is.
Birthday Katie nor regular Katie can handle such intense heat as in hot yoga.


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