One of the greatest duos in the past decade has split and are exploring solo careers. The future SLP (fSLP) is without her LibrariMan and vice versa. I’m not going to get into the reasons because is between us. But I will say that I’ve created my own little slice of hell (yes, I’m taking dramatic liberties because, in my mind, it’s true). This weekend was the big move: back to Toronto for yet another semester. If there were anyone out there still reading this then these are the things I would tell you if I could:

–We made it in safely last night. I decided to crash with my mom and sis last night instead of stay in the unfamiliar apartment.
–The apartment is swanky and my temporary housemate seems very sweet (she even has the board games that I didn’t bring).
–Traffic through downtown was nothing to write home about until we reached Queens Park. Every square foot of turf was covered in young people sporting dreads &/or tie-dye &/or …. marijuana leis. Yep, we drove right into weedfest.
–The Harry Potter Exhibit was basically a fancy way to get people into the gift shop. But it was fun to go with my mom and sister.
–I think we have our own ugly-naked-guy.
–I guess it doesn’t sound that interesting after all….


One thought on “Sola

  1. Beth says:

    i'm still reading!sad to hear about the librariMan.totally intrigued by the ugly-naked-guy (in the least sketchy way possible).and where is there a Harry Potter exhibit!?ps – have you heard yet that I'm moving to TO this summer?

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