Every Party has Pooper

And that’s me right now. So, I’ve been have a pretty successful pity-party for myself (so I guess I’m not a party-pooper in this respect but the LIFE of the party) over the last few weeks. It basically looks like me watching too much TV, not getting much school work done, eating too much junk food (luckily I have a running buddy so I’m not getting sad and fat) and general lethargy. The internet didn’t really need to know about my shame but I thought I’d use it at a motivating factor. I theorize that some of my general discontent has been with my own self and not….other reasons. There are so many things I want to do and learn but I don’t pursue them to the fullest and find myself wasting time.

These are the things that I would like to invest my time in:
1. Improving my Spanish (check! Hi-C and I have signed up for lessons starting next week….now to pay the credit card bill)
2. Volunteer. I still haven’t figured out where to do this. The excuse I’ve been using since I got to the city was that I’m always moving (alternating semesters of placement an class) and most places are looking for more of a commitment.
3. Learn a musical instrument. I’ve wished my whole life that I could play something, ANYTHING! But wishing doesn’t get you very far with musical instruments so I have to commit. Right now I’m leaning towards the flute (they have those handy finger-holes that show you where the notes are which is key…haha). Problem: I live in an apartment building and my neighbours might hate me.
4. SCUBA dive. Open water scares the poop outta me but give me a coral reef and I’m in heaven. The certification is fairly expensive but everyone needs a hobby, right? Plus, if I do it now I’ll be all set for next summer when I’m in Kenya/India/Who knows.

There, those are my goals. Now maybe I’ll feel a hint of motivation to actually work towards them instead of thinking/talking about them.


2 thoughts on “Every Party has Pooper

  1. Lorraine says:

    Your blog rocks. I think I'm going to start one when i head up North for placement. PS. I also am not getting any work done, I'm eating junk, hitting the gym for cardio, but gaining weight (?).

  2. Katie V. says:

    Thanks dude! You SHOULD start a blog. I'd read it. Yay! I'm glad I'm not the only one procrastinating. I was just proud i got my dishes washed…

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