I Feel a bit like Exaggerating

Hi-C and I trekked (ok, walked 2 blocks) down to Queen West after school today to try a few things on at Lavish&Squalor. It is an adorable store with friendly staff, cute vintage-style (is 80s vintage now too???) clothing and HORRIBLE DRESSING ROOMS. More specifically the lighting. It may just be the angle that the lights glare down on your imperfections but nothing would look flattering and no one would feel good about themselves in there. If you venture out into the little foyer to see the clothes in the open air you will likely be pleasantly surprised since they seem to transform immediately under new lighting. The lighting is so awful that the full-length mirror doesn’t just highlight but magnifies all flaws. I think it even finds imperfections of the soul and bares them for all to see (luckily you’ll probably be the only one in the change room). I imagine it was like being Dorian Grey except you didn’t deserve the horrible torture.

To summarize: cute store, don’t try things on if you aren’t feel absolutely stellar about yourself (maybe take some laxatives first too).


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