Preliminary Update (and 500th Post!)

This is my 500th post, I *think*. It may be my 499th published post as I have a draft that is just a bit too personal waiting the ranks, unlikely to be published. I’m unsure if blogger counts my lack-of-ovaries (read: cajones, balls, etc.) as a post.

The preliminary update, however, is not about my blog*: it is about my wonky shoes (aka the Vibram’s Fivefingers that I purchased in Boston). For the first few days I both ran in the shoes and wore them for general walking purposes throughout the day. I know that I had been warned to “take it easy at first” but they were/are comfortable. Then I paid for a bout 3 days with very stiff calves. Now, while I think I could wear them all the time without issue, I use them faithfully for morning runs (Shout out to the G half of Ball&G for picking me up in the morning and setting a good pace for me). Guess what? They feel amazing!!!! At first there was some wariness since we run on concrete and not lovely trails. They feel even better on soft dirt but they are fine on concrete too.

When I run in them I definitely find that I put very little pressure on my heel. Most pressure is concentrated along the outer side of my foot and on the balls of my feet. When I remember to concentrate on my form and make an effort to spring off my toes I’m able to increase my speed without any real increase in exertion. Today we did 4.25km in about 26 minutes. I think it is time to increase the route to 5km and see how fast we** can go!

*Should this have been a semi-colon? My punctuation senses were tingling but not specifically enough. Will someone please teach me to use punctuation properly???

**Miss G is already routinely runs more than 5km but I am fortunate enough to run part of her route in the mornings.


3 thoughts on “Preliminary Update (and 500th Post!)

  1. Beth says:

    Grammar champion Beth to the rescue! I believe that your colon is correct. Generally, semi-colons are used to join two complete sentences (virtually replacing ", and" but the exception to this is when the second statement is a definition/explanation of the first. Which I believe is your situation.True? Who knows. Um, my old housemate had a pair of fivefingers. And I AM curious about their greatness. So keep me posted!

  2. Beth says:

    Aaaand, after hitting post I notice my own punctuation errors. So Grammar Champion Beth is shamed.

  3. Katie V. says:

    Thanks for the tips, Grammar Guru! How about hyphens: any tips?The shoes are pretty cool. They attracted more attention than I wanted at first but already no one really says anything. I'll update on the shoes semi-regularly.

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