Freshly Fallen… (Now with Photos!)

…Runner. Today I had set the goal to ramp up to 7km (and bit).
Step 1: get new book about running. Realize you’ve been running too fast and decide to add distance the smart way: at a bit slower pace.
Step 2: plot course with
Step 3: get our of bed and dress to run
Step 4: bring water bottle
Step 5: start running at a slower pace than usual
Step 6: notice that you should have brought a cell phone (but yours died this week because you are home and your charger is at school) or some money…or id. But dismiss thought because “hey, what could happen?”
Step 7: notice how you could run forever. Enjoy yourself.
step 8: start planning blog post about successful 7km run. Emphasis on how amazing it felt.
Step 9: catch awesome new shoes on pavement. Crash to ground and skid.
Step 10: pick self up. Find stranger. Call dad. Wait.

Of course I was a bit embarrassed. It was on a fairly busy street. People definitely saw (although didn’t stop, thanks). But most of my brooding and, ok, maybe tears, came when I realized that I would not be able to finish my run. No 7km today for me. May 3.5.

Over the past few months I’ve had a tough time. Life is confusing right now but running is the one thing that finally felt right. I was doing something right. Maybe I can 7km tomorrow.

Physical Damage (sorry, no photos now. I forgot my camera and my sister is still dozing): left hand scraped. Painful to move thumbs out to side. Left shin, major scraped. Overall, the frustration is worse than the scrapes.

Warning: photos of scrapes (but they really don’t look that bad).


2 thoughts on “Freshly Fallen… (Now with Photos!)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope you're feeling better and it doesn't hurt too much now. Seven kilometers is awesome! I hope you get to do it tomorrow.

  2. Beth says:

    dang. i totally understand… and hope that you're back to running asap. 🙂

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