August 2010

Since I likely won’t be working this August (my one month off of school this year) I’ve decided to tackle some life goals. Albeit some smaller life goals but goals nonetheless. I keep a little goal list over at 43Things because I enjoy checking them off waaaay too much.

The ones I intend to complete this summer include, but are not limited to:
1. Run 10km (ok, I’m only at 7km now and being lazy so this one is a stretch….but who knows)
2. Send a postcard to postsecret (now I need a secret….)
3. Write a letter to the editor (or any editor, it doesn’t have to be the one. Perhaps I’ll write in praise of the latest National Geographic. I didn’t specify that the letter had to be scathing)
4. See a meteor shower (August 12th, the Perseids. Drive north and look east)
5. Make jam (flavour suggestions? I’m thinkin rasp)
6. Make a pie (falls under the same category as jam: domestic)
7. Make a pinhole camera (I’ve wanted to do this since high school photography class)
8. Unnamed item on the list (I have a plan)
9. Commit a poem to memory (Just used the rest of my BMV/ANEGS gift card on a book of Pablo Neruda poetry in English and Spanish…now which language to memorize?)


2 thoughts on “August 2010

  1. Beth says:

    katie. i LOVE your list. you should ask my friend karen about jams & pies – she's killer at baking things like that.i would like to see how a pinhole camera works!! and i've been wanting to write a secret in to PS for forever. in other words, are you SURE you want to spend august in the soo??

  2. Katie V. says:

    Thanks, I'm really excited! Are you sure you want to spend August in toronto???? The Sault has plenty of room for more people 🙂

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