Whitby Shoutout

As July ends I find myself counting down the days until I have August off. Then I can hang out with all my pregger friends at the beach. Right now though, I must focus on my last four days of placement. Two days at an audiology clinic, two days at a private speech-pathology clinic: lots of paperwork. Some of you may know that I have been crashing in Whitby on the weekdays to avoid the 4 hours of Go Transit each day. Now I walk there in 20 minutes in the golden sunshine. Let’s just say that I’m living in style too. In the past I have called “having matching furniture” living in style but this is a notch above. The house is owned by a couple about my parent’s age. We eat dinner and sip wine in the evenings before taking a dip in the pool. Then I retire to the library to read. The other day I was taken on an art tour of the home which doubles as an art gallery from time to time. Go giant old farm houses.

Things I did at the audiology clinic today:
1. Participated in taking ear mold impressions.
2. Sat in on hearing aid fittings
3. Conducted manual tympanometry on myself. I have small canals and a Type A compliance (this means something else in the ear world!)
4. Videotaped myself cleaning a hearing aid and changing the battery

And Rant: We have to locate a Quality of Life measure that would be appropriate for the populations that we are working with in placement. This is fine for everyone in voice and fluency but more difficult at other placements. Since starting placement I have been scouting for one but nothing and there are but 4 days left. I can find some online but can’t get access to the actual survey without paying exorbitant fees. None of the placement sites I have been to have any on hand. I scoured the resource room at school (yes, the very school that assigned this ridiculous task) and found it to be entirely lacking. Lacking not just in QoL surveys for my population for for any population. Way to practice what you preach!

Does anyone have a QoL that would work for infants, toddlers or preschoolers with multiple needs, language delays, autism or hearing impairments? (not for all but for one or more of those things)? Help!


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