The Trap

My parents’ house is a trap. Meaning that this is where I find junk food all around me and it gets trapped in my hips. At school I’m usually much too cheap to keep junk food around (although pop has recently been welcomed into my home on a regular basis….). Here food is love. And boy are we loved. The things that I currently want but shouldn’t eat, in order of “on my brain”.

1. (recently discovered) Oreo drumsticks in the freezer
2. Sister’s birthday cake on the table upstairs (perfect to take mini slices off every time I pass by)
3. cinnamon buns on the counter
4. carrot coconut muffins on the counter (#3 & #4 were brought home by my dad from a local bakery even though there was birthday cake in the vicinity)
5. strawberry rhubarb pie in the freezer just waiting for an oven revival
6. granola (with chocolate!) on the counter
7. the pie that I am about to make

Not only is there a plethora of actual desserts but also potential desserts. All the ingredients I could want to check off pie and jam off my list of summer to-dos. Add Finnish Coffee bread to the list because I don’t want to lose my touch. Must lock self in room.

8. half a bag of mini-eggs on my closet shelf


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