Accomplishing Left and Right

A few weeks ago I set some goals for myself for this August (here). Two have been officially checked off: pie and the postcard to postsecret. Two more can now be made official: meteor shower and the unnamed item. The meteor shower was more of a trickle but definitely worth it. Out at Pancake Bay Provincial Park on Thursday the clouds rolled in and out all day and I nervously waited to see if the meteor shower would be visible. By 10pm it was dark and the sky was clear so we stationed ourselves on the (almost) empty beach and gazed upward. We should have researched some more constellations beforehand because there was lots of staring up. The meteors were so fast and random that they were easy to miss. Between us we could confidently identify the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia (thank you Serendipity). Until that night I had seen perhaps 2 shooting stars in my lifetime. I have now seen over 20 and each was a gorgeous surprise when it burned through the atmosphere. Around midnight it started getting cold, dewy and the clouds came back so we headed to the campsite (possibly beaming a little).

Other camping highlights: swimming in lake superior for the first time in years (3 times!). Being informed of swimmers itch after going swimming. Roasting sausages on the campfire. Building campfires. Hiking 5 km through spiderwebs to lookout over the great lake. Why don’t I camp more? Oh, because everything gets soggy when it rains.


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