Update on Goals

There are none. I hit a snag a few weeks back and my motivation to do anything other than basic self-care and watch Criminal Minds diminished to almost nil. More relationship drama that I’m trying oh-so-hard not to be emo about but to be a grown-up. So I’m back on the goal wagon but not likely in time to complete them before I move back to school on Wednesday. The lagging goals also include my 10km stretch. Considering that it has been almost two weeks (TWO WEEKS! I need some motivation!) since I last ran (and I am pretty ashamed of this) I’ll have some seriously stamina-rebuild to do. It is hard to explain why I need so much motivation to go running: I enjoy it (most of the time), I like the satisfaction of progressing in my ‘training’, I long for it when I haven’t done it (ok just a passing wish not so much with the pining). Alas, it has been 12 days. This had better improve because I believe that I agreed to run a 5km race in mid-Sept. I thought a looming race was supposed to motivate????

2 thoughts on “Update on Goals

  1. vegetard says:

    😦 Don't be hard on yourself! Plenty of time to accomplish all that you want to!

  2. cgarden says:

    You can do it Katie! You'll get back in the groove of running in no time!

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