This weekend kept me busy but not too busy to have some fun too. Both Friday and Sunday were spent earning “free” film passes by ripping tickets at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) and reading my book in between. A slow day on Friday also meant free movie while volunteering. Except I went in knowing only the title and that it was French. There definitely should have been a caveat for those who dislike seeing women be violated.

Brief synopsis of Deep In the Woods (Au fond des bois): Creeper with dirty fingernails (barf, the nails!) exits woods. Charms family in upper middle class 19th century French home by performing magic tricks and pretending to be mute and mysterious except the prophecies he writes. Accosts daughter the next day where he does some hocus pocus, rapes her (which happens repeatedly throughout the film…) and causes her to follow him around the French countryside. Way too Stockholm Syndrome for my tastes. The caveat should have read: “Warning: for serious film buffs only or people who can look past horribly uncomfortable scenes for symbolism that probably really isn’t there”. The cinematography was quite beautiful though.

Now, on to the update I titled this for: couchsurfing. Having been a member for a few years I had yet to actually surf or host until this weekend. Mostly because I haven’t traveled somewhere that I needed to surf (or, in Boston, 4 proved too many to house) and have never before had a space to host in. Things have changed; my new roomie (The Roomie) is all over it and even has experience. Other than being on a loud street with no curtains on the living room windows we do alright: futon, blankets, warm apartment, witty conversation. Friday until this morning our futon was occupied by two sisters from Germany making their way from Montreal to Boston and New York and back again. E accompanied me on my run Saturday morning (and took it easy on me). K made us wonderful crepes. Both prepared a lovely soup (that I had as leftovers after my last TIFF shift). It could not have been a better first couchsurfing experience.

In an unrelated note: the friend currently referred to as Sharon on this site will henceforth retain the moniker “ShanWoW” for various reasons. One being an obvious play on the product “Sham Wow” and another (although this one was explained to me) a play on the Jersey Shore based on a character’s nickname (ShayWow) and ShanWoW’s lovely bicycle painted after the Italian flag.


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