Living for the Future

The future being that unforeseeable time when I don’t have to study. My life this week (and most of the week before) has consisted of bed, run, school, bed. Some days I show up for morning class, stake out a room on the study for (with my very own whiteboard!) and hunker down until close to midnight. Start the cycle again the next morning. Dinner last night was one of those mr. Noodles (ok, the store brand…) in a wrapper which I crushed, poured into my “World’s Best Dad” mug, added boiling water (thank you student lounge). I need healthier food to support such study habits. That is why my posts have seemed like one big perseveration on running: not a whole lot else is going on. Externally at least. Plenty running through this cranium of mine but, as of yet, I’ve filtered it from the blog. The joy for me today was laundry. Clean clothes! Reading a textbook at home! On my very own couch!

Looking a little further in the future an adventure awaits. Mid-November trip to Philadelphia! Apparently it is so much more than the Fresh Prince of Bel Air song suggests*. There are museums! And history! And there is cuteness! I was undecided due to the costmoney factor until someone pointed out the Mutter to me. Get this: specimens in jars of deformed things. Um, yes please! Now I’m sold. We have the bus tickets so we had better find a place to stay. I have fulfilled my goal of hosting a couchsurfer (or two!) but have yet to surf myself. JPD and I have decided to remedy this lapse and have sent out copious messages and have received some yeses (yes’s?). There is something so satisfying about checking off an item on the ol’ life list. Cool sounding city in a very cold month, here we come!

Side note: I have only see some very key places in the winter months. Montreal and Niagara Falls being the most notable. The intense bitter cold detracts somewhat from traveling enjoyment. Please have a warm snap Philadelphia (the sitcom promises I should at least see some sun).

*(that was not the word I wanted…What was it? Word retrieval issues! Gah!)


3 thoughts on “Living for the Future

  1. Jesskah says:

    Hellooo. I know it's random for me to show up on your blog like this but…I showed up on your blog like this and I just wanted to say that you had it right the first time ("yeses"). I don't think "yes's" could ever be used..unless you were personifying Yes which actually sounds kind of fun. (please don't read this as snooty..I just wanted to answer the question!) :)p.s. I like you and I will holla when I'm around.

  2. Katie V. says:

    Jess, thanks for answering my question! Not snooty at all. The apostrophe would be quite silly (considering the possibilities now) it just always feels awkward pluralizing words in writing that rarely are. I'd love a holla when you're in town. Break me out of my study shell (please!).

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