Fall Adventure

My brain has shut off. Today Hi-C and I went on a glorious fall adventure through the Toronto of lore with rivers and colourful leaves. I keep starting this post over and over but I can’t get it to sound quite as entertaining as the actual adventure was. Basically I want to throw out a bunch of related words and hope you get the point: leaves! Orange! High Park! Tandem Bike! Tea!

Have you figured out what we did today?

Hi-C and I have the fortune of hanging out with the couple who gave us our scholarships*. Every few months we get an invite to do something active with them (and usually drink wine afterward). Did I mention that they are…..over the age of 65 (how does one speculate about this?). They lent us their tandem bike and led us around the city for about 4 hours through fall leaves, over bridges, down busy streets and along Lake Ontario. They just don’t quit. We have the tandem bike figured out by now. That is, if Hi-C is in the front and I’m in the back being almost entirely ornamental. As a pit stop along the way they treated us to high tea at Montgomery’s Inn where they served us in full 1800s costumes in their replica Victorian tavern.

Today we learned that Milkweed is super cool and soft. That I have no balance and shouldn’t drive a tandem bike. That Toronto can be exquisite in the autumnal season.

Here are some classic shots:

*We each received a scholarship to complete our final placements in a developing country (May-July 2011!).


3 thoughts on “Fall Adventure

  1. I Am Beth says:

    i am sooooooooooo jealous of a) your lovely sounding day – i must visit this tea house!!!b) your scholarships and pending travel to a developing nation.

  2. I Am Beth says:

    ps. Just looked at the close up of that last photo: A. MAZE. ING!!!!Didn't notice the dandelion puffs til then.WOWZA!!!!!!

  3. Katie V. says:

    Thanks Beth!It was a glorious afternoon. The white things are actually milkweed. Neither Hi-C or I had seen it before but in the fall it turns into these pods that pop open and all this fluff comes out. It is like dandelions but 10000x more awesome! I recommend finding some before the season ends and having fun throwing the fluffs in the air.

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