The plan this morning was to head over to former-roomie’s place (my sublet from the summer) just around the corner to make pancakes with/for Ex-Roomie and Jharv then come home and do a project. The pancakes definitely were made and eaten. The homework is still waiting. Those two ladies are my pop culture gurus who make sure that I’m only awkwardly uninformed instead of shockingly and embarrassingly uninformed about pop culture. I found out that Lindsay Lohan has “coke bloat”. Oh and that Sarah Michelle Gellar had a baby (last year). Both are my source for all things Britney (everyone needs that kind of source…..right?). I knew I was never leaving when we started the discussion about Cruel Intentions and I said, “We can put it on and I’ll just watch the first few minutes.” That is never successful. But the film was even more amazing/awful/tragic than I remembered. And the soundtrack!

Inspired by this mid-afternoon nostalgia session we each made a list of top 5 late-90s/early 2000s movies that, well, I can’t actually remember the criteria but just that they were memorable, we watched them too many times and, as we discovered while discussing, had some edge.

My top 5*:
1. Dangerous Minds
2. Cruel Intentions
3. Ever After
4. 10 Things I Hate About You
5. Now & Then**

It was also agreed upon while scouring youtube for one particular instance of a Christina Aguilera high note that the first time humans harmonized was likely one of the most beautiful moments of human history. Oh to be in that cave.

*Not necessarily in order.
**This one has been subject to change. Still wrestling with it.


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  1. cgarden says:

    So I'm now the Ex-Roomie. Love it. You can make us pancakes any time 🙂

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