A Follower is Born

I hate to admit it but I never wanted to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show until I saw it on Glee (I know, BOO). Before the uber hot Mr Shue & Emma* scene I didn’t realize how fantastic the music was. Based on this new knowledge a group of friends and I headed out waaaay to early for tickets on All Hallows Eve (also the 35th anniversary of the RHPS) to stand in line for 2 hours.

Verdict: well worth the wait. And nothing like what I expected.

What I thought it would be: A film in a cool old theatre. A dedicated crowed of followers would shout lines in unison at every 5-10 minutes. People would laugh and throw the customary toast, rice and toilet paper.

What it is really like: more awesome but don’t expect to hear the movie itself. A shadow cast acted the entire film on a stage in front of the stage and in the aisles. Before the show there was a costume contest (a guy dressed like a Martian – yup yup – from the Muppets won). There was quite a bit of profanity – apparently yelling obscenities and making rude remarks between audience members and cast is expected and considered socially acceptable. There is definitely the shouting of lines at key instances, however, it is a constant murmur over the movie. The script is elaborate, differs from person to person, venue to venue and requires great familiarity with the RHPS. ShanWOW was kind enough to fill us in on a few easy lines before the show started so we could play along. Prepared with my newspaper I held it over my head while Janet and Brad were in the rain and the rest of the audience squirted water all over our paper-covered heads. We were covered in toilet paper (and did some throwing ourselves) after a character shouted “great Scott!”. I’d like to go again after brushing up on some of my lines.

Tidbit of information: this is a regular occurrence in Toronto. Monthly that is. Put on at the Bloor Cinema by Excited Mental State. This is definitely the way to see Rocky Horror.

*There seems to be two camps in this argument: some people (TinTin) think it was the best thing since bagged salad and watched it upwards of 15 times; some people find it desperate and creepy.


2 thoughts on “A Follower is Born

  1. Beth says:

    i did not know that THIS is what i was missing. not sure if i feel more sad or slightly relieved… 🙂

  2. Katie V. says:

    I bet it would be a more "intimate" experience if you went for a regular show (ie not Halloween). More of the hardcores perhaps. You might pick up some more of the lines than I did…or just study up in advance. It's definitely an experience 🙂

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