Weekly Groceries

In an effort to buy fewer meals out I’ve been spending a bit more on groceries each week. I’m also trying to up the vegetable ratio add good complete proteins and healthy fats. These past few months I’ve been culinarily lazy (not necessarily unhealthy). I also went shopping hungry. Hi-C and I covered 12.4km in 1:12:50. Calculated at 5:52min/km. If we could keep that up for another 8.7km we could do a half in 2:06. Our last km was likely the fastest, which is a good sign.
I fear over-training though. It is three months until the half and we’re more than halfway there. My mileage (I track in kms but is kilometerage a word?) has spiked recently and that isn’t always the wisest move. This week I’ve already hit 32km and I’d like to add 5 tomorrow morning just to stay consistent. But I digress, this is a post about food. Understandably I was pretty stinkin’ hungry near the end of my shop, having run, showered and then headed out the door again without a snack (nothing looks tasty after a run).

My $33.25 went to:
Beets (this is my first ever purchase of beets! I’m going to roast them with a host of other tuberous veggies)
Parsnips (another first!)
1L of 1% milk (usually it is 2L but I’m headed out of town on Wed)
12pk diet Pepsi with lime (oh the the poor judgment on that one. It is my first case of pop since the semester started. I really feel so much healthier when not drinking pop regularly…come over and help me drink it?)
Balkan Style Yogurt (I like my dairy products full of fat and I plan to use this in my overnight oats because I hate cleaning the oat pot)
Roasted Red Pepper Salad Dressing
Strawberry Jello
Black Beans (canned)
(fresh blackberries on sale in Nov??)
Peppercorn Goat Cheese (probably too much for just me so I should get creative. I couldn’t say no….)
2 bananas
1 sweet potato
Package of powdered donuts
(guess what I ate two of when I got home….here is why we don’t grocery shop hungry children)
Whole wheat pitas
6 omega-3 eggs
(is the omega thing still considered legit?)

Riveting wasn’t it? Now you know what my grocery bill looks like. It usually involves some sort of baked good (oh how I wish those donuts were an anomaly) but the pop was me caving in. And I drank one tonight. And my head feels aspartame-y. Now to decide what to wear to Mumford & Sons….


One thought on “Weekly Groceries

  1. Seddah says:

    You're going to have such a blast at Mumford & Sons! =) And holy cow! You run like a friggin' — I can't think of a fast animal with a lot of stamina, lolMom bought a 30 case of Pepsi, lol I am SO in heaven. I shouldn't be.

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