Running Update #43

I STILL haven’t made a shoe decision for the winter.  There are a few potentials but there is one last store I plan to visit with Hi-C in hopes of getting some advice from seasoned runners.  The kind who have been through a few winters.  Today was struggle because of the temperature:  1 celcius.  Not really that bad but it felt like -5 with wind chill.  It was the first day this season that I thought my choice of only one layer on top, no hat, no gloves, may have been foolish.  The good news is that my feet were still comfortable.  Hypothesis:  temperature will not be the ruin of the fivefingers but MOISTURE will be (that is why everyone hates the word moist).  Once the snow/freezing rain falls (melts, becomes slush) I will be ruined.  I will get the black feet of frost bite. 

Fun update:  while running today a cyclist passed me and yelled “Yay barefoot runners!”


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