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No, probably not.  I’ve been sneaking my way into the online run-blogging community.  There are so many blogs out there, it seems like everyone is running these days and they are all taking it more seriously than I am.  That doesn’t really discourage me, in fact, perhaps I can be a better runner than I suspect.  Of course, I’ll have to try harder.  Most of these blogs I have been stalking are posting a recap of their year including favourite races and personal records (PRs).  For me, there weren’t any races in 2010 and I don’t really care to recap the rest of the year.  Actually, I aim to forget most of it and cross my fingers than 2011 is hella-better.

This isn’t all to say that I feel like 2010 was a waste.  I definitely wasn’t a breakout superstar in the running world.  I didn’t discover a long hidden natural talent.  But I did spend the last year and a half building up stamina, building some confidence and slowly learning to love to run without pushing myself too hard and hating it.

2011 is a year for goals.  I have been thinking carefully about the goals because I want them to be realistic and lend themselves to gradual improvement.
1.  Run a half marathon.  No time goal, this is a pure distance finish.
2.  Run a sub 28:30  5km
3.  Run at least three 5km races
4.  Run at least one 10km race
5.  Incorporate a core workout (yoga, fitness class or home workout) once per week
6.  Wear a bikini in public.  At 25 years old I have yet to do this and I don’t foresee this getting to be an easier goal as the years go on.  Now or perhaps never.
7.  Cook healthy meals more often and incorporate more vegetables and fewer processed foods.  This would be a poor goal in the medical world since I’m not providing a baseline to measure against (“more” and “better” are very vague) but I just know I want an improvement.  Getting too particular may doom me before I start.

Seven goals is a good start.  Am I missing anything important?

8.  Show up to volunteer or cheer (or both!) for at least 2 races in 2011. 


The Christmas of our (Gastrointestinal) Discontent

We have to remember this Christmas now.  A few posts ago I mentioned that Lil Bro spent a very uncomfortable day in the hospital on the 25th because he was so dehydrated from the barfing.  I had had the flu a few days prior (no hospital stay for me though!).  My sister apparently felt left out so she replicated the performance and is spending the day in emerg.  So that’s 3 for 3.  I guess we should all stop hanging out with each other.  Somehow my parents have avoided the scourge.  I should give a shout out to my mom because she is the only one who can handle “the bucket” so she has spent quite a few sleepless nights this past week.  I really have no idea what I would do with my own children, perhaps a bit of a “Big Daddy” moment.  I would throw out the bucket.  If it was on the floor maybe I would move.

Said great mother just called and while sitting around the hospital she was interviewed by CTV as the face of the gastro probs going around the city.  Apparently its a big story.  She’s a nurse and all her children have gotten it.  Perhaps they’ll do a “what not to do in your house” piece.  She says my sister had her photo taken in the hospital bed too.  Um, what?  There is no way I would be letting my pukey self on the news. 

My Pretty New Watch

As mentioned when I bragged in my previous post about how spoiled I was this Christmas, I received a bee-yoo-ti-full Garmin Forerunner 405.  It is a GPS watch.  It is glorious.  While I run I can simultaneously watch how long I’ve been running, the distance I’ve gone (up to the nearest 100th of a km) and the pace that I’m running.  THE PACE!  It is amazing.  And depressing.  Depressing because since the flu punched me in the gut I’ve had some running setbacks.  I’ve been out only twice now; once for 5km and today for 7km.  Both times I kept a good pace just under 6min/km until km 4 and then I would hit a wall.  I guess all I can do it keep working at it and add some speed training to my week. 

A review of my lovely watch.  It is pretty.  It is simple to use with a ‘bezel’ ring made of metal on the outside.  Basically a touch ring that can be used to scroll and tapped anywhere to select.  It syncs with the satellite in less than 10 seconds, a major pro in the cold where one needs to keep moving to stay warm.  I love that it beeps at the completion of every kilometer (immediate feedback, that’s how I roll). I don’t even have to plug it in to my computer but I log into the training site, set my watch within 3m of the computer and it uploads my workouts. 

Are there downsides?  Of course.  It is a beast.  This really doesn’t matter except it makes it difficult to adjust my sleeves.  Yep.  That’s currently my one complaint. 

This is the feedback that I get.  I’ll show you even though my pace is fairly embarrassing these days.  But for you, friends, anything.

The site also displays an incredibly accurate map of my route, including when I cut corners and jaywalk.  The calorie measurements are interesting as well.  I can’t say that I entirely buy into carlorie burning measurements but I’ll take any type of reinforcement I can get. 

Here I am in my amazing gear.  I didn’t realize how effective the little reflective bits really were.  Observation:  I’m such a yuppy-looking runner.  All my fancy gear.  At least my VFFs (Vibram FiveFingers) made me look a little more hardcore, a little more fringe. 

And a bonus photo:

Some Larynx Love

I’ve been lazy this week but had some fun with the lettering on this mini toon.  Oh sad, a lot of the fun effects (FX) are not visible in this format.  So just imagine this being more awesome.

Merry Boxing-Christmas

Lil Bro made it home last night around 8pm.  He took that opportunity to sleep for 12 hours and then my family interrupted my sleep to open gifts.  I was pretty spoiled this year.

From my sis I got a card game and a board game.  Thanks sis for feeding my nerdy interests.

Lil Bro got me some warm gloves for running. 

Santa brought me some gorgeous luggage for my upcoming final placement where I will be spending 3 months in a developing country.  It was a very thoughtful gift.  And I’ll be returning them.  Hi-C had already instructed me that I won’t be embarrassing her with rolling suitcases in Africa*.  Let’s just say I’m going to be getting a sweet backpack from MEC in exchange.

The only thing I really asked for (other than earplugs and razors) was a GPS watch.  Not wanting to be presumptuous I just said any GPS watch.  Mom and Pops hooked me up!  The Garmin Forerunner 405.  It is a thing of beauty.  Garmin’s top-of-the-line GPS watch.  It is still a beast but you can’t get around that yet.  I’ll give more details in my next running update.

On top of all that spoiling I received some sunscreen for my travels, nail polish, running magazines, running socks, chocolate, earplugs, razors, and a few other things. 

My gifts seemed to be a hit.  My father (aka Santa) ended up with quite the haul of booze and my mom asked to be included in alcohol gifts this year (since they don’t clutter up the house) so she has some fancy IceWine.  My parents are now easy to shop for.

*The continent has not been confirmed.  This is speculative.

Christmas Postponed Until Further Notice

For the first time in the history of our family it is midday and the gifts are still unwrapped.  I suppose my cartoon was a little too prophetic, although, this time it wasn’t me.  My puking ended 3 days ago and hot my little bro hard last night.  Much harder than me.  Poor kid was up all night and into the day.  He’s currently being hydrated at the hospital since he can’t really afford to be losing any weight.  Turkey dinner is now tomorrow, presents tonight or tomorrow.  We’re all just hoping Boris (lil’bro) is feeling better soon.

According to him “katie gives the best christmas presents” har har.

Santa Sightings:  earlier this week we purchased a dollar store santa hat to go with my father’s beard.  He wore it that day.  And that evening when we had friends over for dinner.  And out to the mall the next day with my mother.  And to do the last of his christmas shopping yesterday.  Perhaps we have began a new holiday tradition.

Running Update #48 (sort of)

This is “sort of” an update because there isn’t much to say.  It has been almost a week since I’ve been out running.  Reasons:  exams, getting into a new routine at home and then the final hit of food poisoning.  Of course, any excuse other than the food poisoning is just that, an excuse.  This recent setback has me a bit worried about finishing the half marathon in Feb.  It is much closer than I had realized and I’m getting behind, not ahead.  I hope I’m determined enough not to fail at this!

A Christmas Surprise

I came to my parent’s house in style yesterday on a 37-seater plane. 

The surprise came later in the evening when my dad returned home with the pizza (oh Mrs. B…I missed you).  Apparently, in the four months since I have seen my family, no one thought THIS was worth mentioning:

My father has become Santa Claus.  First I was speechless (but that never lasts long for me).  He should have done it when we were younger, when we could have fully appreciated it.  He reminded me that, at that time, he would have been growing a ginger beard and Santa ain’t got no ginger beard.  My next thought was fiscal difficulties:  Dad, are you and mom hard up for cash?  Are you making extra money as a local St. Nick at the mall?  Again, not an issue.  The beard is not a money-maker for him.  I told him he belonged on a Harley.  He agreed.

He has experimented follically before.  Maybe it is because he can’t grow the stuff on the top of his head.  A few years ago he went with the Colonel Sanders and was never phased by the (fairly constant) harassing at work and good-natured teasing at home.  He just doesn’t care what other people think (go dad!).  In fact, I think he likes having others notice and comment on his beard.  He relayed a story from earlier in the week:  he went to Canadian Tire (the Canadian hang out) and ran into a friend with his two little grandchildren.  Of course, they stared at my father so he replied with a hearty “Ho Ho Ho!”.  The grandpa chimed in with “Look!  It’s Santa Claus!”.

My father proceeded to chuckle with a twinkle in his eye as he recounted how one hid behind his gramps and it took about 5 minutes of staring for the other to determine that he was not, in fact, the Jolly Old St. Nick.

Oh my family…..

A Cartoon: The Devolution of the Student (Exams)

What stage are you at?  I think I am committed to having at least one person with those crazy swirl eyes in every single one of my ‘toons. Perhaps it will be my signature.  This junk is copyrighted. 

Exam Update

I’ve realized that I think of my life in cartoons now.  There is another one coming in the next few days.  Preview:  it is about exams.  Because that is my life. 

In the past few days my diet has consisted entirely of cereal and oranges.  My nutrition comes to a standstill if milk or fruit runs out.  Pizza Pizza on the corner has come to my rescue twice already.  Cinnabon was had twice as well.  But it was canceled out by the necessary walk ALL THE WAY to union station to acquire said buns. 

Why the buns?  A reward for writing the worst exam of my life.  How can both buns on two separate occasions be a consolation prize for writing the worst exam of one’s life?  Let me explain.  On Wednesday I wrote what felt like my worst exam ever.  Let’s say motor speech.  Then, just two days later, I managed to break that personal record.  Aphasia took the title by a landslide.  I’d make a cartoon about that exam but it wouldn’t be appropriate for a blog without an adult rating.