Running Update #46

My first update in a while.  I even put up some (what I thought was) riveting content between running posts.  This was probably by default since it is difficult to update on something you aren’t doing.  6 DAYS!  I went 6 days without running and I’m currently paying for it.  Both runs since (5.5km and 6.5km) I’ve gotten painful stitches in my side and, try-as-I-might to battle through*, I had to stop and walk.  My pace is now more like 6:18/km (up from my comfortable 5:45/km).  The pace is probably what hurts the most.  I’m going to choose to blame today’s pace on being cautious for my first snowy-ground run of the year. 

For the big news:  I finally caved and bought shoes.  The Nike Frees (in case you were all wondering which large company I was refusing to promote by calling them the Liberties).
I missed the big sale on the ones I wanted oh-so-much from the states and my run yesterday was put on hold when I woke up to snow so I knew I couldn’t wait any longer.  I tested this morning on 6.5km and they felt good the whole time.
PROS:  My feet were warm. 
They felt luxuriously cushy when you’re used to the vibrams. 
They didn’t weigh me down and make me hate running like running in traditional running shoes tends to do.
They are not as good at the Vibrams at promoting a short stride while striking the ground with the fore- and mid-foot.  In other words, I found myself heel-striking sometimes.  It will just take more self-monitoring.

 And my TOMS just aren’t going to cut it this winter.  Canvas leaks.  Especially when there are holes in the heel and toe.

 So I bought some real winter boots.  They rub at the back of my ankle so fingers crossed I can wear them in.  I was debating these in the store for a bit and the girl clearly wanted to make a sale.  She kept telling me how “in” they were and how someone working at that very store right now (!) was wearing the same pair.  Sold.  Oh boy, she had her demographic wrong.  I’m going for practical.  If it were looks I was going for I would be shelling out $300 for the beautiful dark brown leather, knee-high boots with winter soles that I crave so much.

*There are stitch-relieving techniques (thanks for teaching me, G-sis!).  Some look really cool.  On offending side, wave one’s arm above one’s head (I often choose to just rest my head in the crook of my elbow. “Nothing to look at here, just stretching”).  One can also focus on breathing and try to expand one’s abdominals.  But today the stitch wasn’t having it.  I haven’t stopped for a stitch in months.  Heck, I hadn’t even gotten one in over a month.


One thought on “Running Update #46

  1. Suzanne says:

    I'm on the hunt for a real winter boot too. where did you get yours? mine needs to be:affordablecan wear to dressy things toopracticalwarmwaterproof.I'm not thinking it's possible. What do you think from what you saw when you were shopping?

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