The Christmas of our (Gastrointestinal) Discontent

We have to remember this Christmas now.  A few posts ago I mentioned that Lil Bro spent a very uncomfortable day in the hospital on the 25th because he was so dehydrated from the barfing.  I had had the flu a few days prior (no hospital stay for me though!).  My sister apparently felt left out so she replicated the performance and is spending the day in emerg.  So that’s 3 for 3.  I guess we should all stop hanging out with each other.  Somehow my parents have avoided the scourge.  I should give a shout out to my mom because she is the only one who can handle “the bucket” so she has spent quite a few sleepless nights this past week.  I really have no idea what I would do with my own children, perhaps a bit of a “Big Daddy” moment.  I would throw out the bucket.  If it was on the floor maybe I would move.

Said great mother just called and while sitting around the hospital she was interviewed by CTV as the face of the gastro probs going around the city.  Apparently its a big story.  She’s a nurse and all her children have gotten it.  Perhaps they’ll do a “what not to do in your house” piece.  She says my sister had her photo taken in the hospital bed too.  Um, what?  There is no way I would be letting my pukey self on the news. 


One thought on “The Christmas of our (Gastrointestinal) Discontent

  1. Vixxen says:

    I was drugged up, lol I had no clue what was going on. All I know is, I was not thrilled to be there.

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