Guaranteed Ways to Look Cool

Looking cool is clearly at the top of my priority list.  In fact, new New Years Resolution:  exude coolness.  Wait, is making being cool a goal inherently uncool?  How about using the word inherently?  Maybe I’ll just be me and see where that gets me.  Anyway, now you’re all bit-chomping to know my foolproof tips for looking cool.

1.  Walk to the corner store next to your building.  Purchase only one can of diet pop* and a pack of hostess cupcakes.  Done.

2. Wear wide-legged (pronounced “leg-ed”) dress pants tucked into the tops of one’s Sorels for extra coolness.  It’s Hammer Time!

3.  Stand outside with your wrist held up to the sky to help your GPS watch link to the satellites when it just won’t link (keep holding….keep holding…wait for it).  Every few inches closer to space helps.  This is even cooler if you happen to live on a busy downtown street.

Bonus:  Today was a good and slow intro to placement.  It will definitely pick up tomorrow.  My clinical educator is very supportive and I think this will be a good partnership.  She kindly offered to lend me a lanyard for my keys and badge.  I’m not sure rhinestone Jesus fish are really my style.  Perhaps we are different in a few ways….

*I love having stars at the end of my posts.  I love pop.  I drink the diet version even though I believe aspartame is bad and I know it makes me feel poopy (ie unwell not with excessive fecal matter).  But I’ve realized in the last few weeks that I don’t love pop as much as I used to.  Perhaps this will be the beginning of me phasing it out gradually.


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