Running Update #53

This week has felt very de-motivating.  I haven’t felt like I’m getting better and my mileage is pretty dismal for someone running a half marathon in three weeks.  To be totally honest, it was easier earlier on because I usually had some new distance to blog about:  oh my first 10km!  Wow, I’m awesome, I made it to 12km.  Tell me how fantastic I am!  But now those distances are old hat.  My alarm went off today and I woke up knowing I would be running at least 10km and that, by now, it should be fairly easy.  It isn’t though.  It still takes stamina, concentration, reminders to keep going and to push myself.  Today was a great run though.  I did 10.31km in 1:00:31 and was under 59 minutes when I hit 10km.  For me, that is in the PR (personal record) zone and it felt great. You’ll notice from my splits that a bad habit of mine is starting too fast.  It just doesn’t feel fast at the start, I need to pay more attention to how each pace feels. 

Split Time
1 0:05:35
2 0:05:53
3 0:05:53
4 0:05:44
5 0:05:49
6 0:06:18
7 0:05:54
8 0:05:54
9 0:05:47
10 0:05:46
11 0:01:49
 Summary 1:00:27

Tomorrow is the big 20km to see if we’ve got what it takes.  Thank mother nature/the universe/baby sharks that I am not doing it alone but Hi-C and I are going to do it together.  Lately Josh and Chuck of the “Stuff You Should Know” podcasts are keeping me entertained.  It is a great mix of cheesy puns and fascinating facts.  Today I had 10km of Free Masons and Illicit Drugs.  Two separate podcasts, by the way. 

This afternoon I’m pretending to have money, dressing all classy and heading to the high class part of the city.  I’ll let you know if I buy myself a muffin or a $40 scrunchie.


One thought on “Running Update #53

  1. Anne says:

    Congratulations Katie…you won the $75 gift certificate for CSN stores! 🙂 Email me at anne.lac (at) hotmail. com and I'll email you the details.Hope your 20K went well today!

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