Shooting Up

Right now I’m full of……LIVE VIRUSES!  Woo hoo!  Three needles in my arm later I am ready to tackle Kenya.  This gal will have man-made immunity from typhoid, meningitis and yellow fever (not to mention all the other things I have been vaccinated against in my lifetime).  And I’m naturally immune to chicken pox! 

Yellow fever, baby!  This one buuuurned.

Typhoid and Meningitis.  No tears.

Rum cake from Bermuda.  Wait, how did this get in here!?

Hi-C also convinced me to pump up my gastro-intestinal system with probiotics pre-trip and bring along some natural parasite killer.  Maybe I should just bring a giant plastic bubble or a hazmat suit. 

The medical kit will also contain shiny new needles (just in case), anti-septic and bandages.  I dropped off a prescription for ciprolex in case I get a fever and bloody diarrhea (TMI?  It could happen!), in which case my body needs some powerful antibiotics.  My purse holds a yet-to-be-filled prescription for 5 weeks worth of malarone to get me through any time I may not be in Nairobi. 

So far that is about it for health related items.  Wait!  Some packets of orange-flavoured electrolytes in case my Canadian body can’t handle the heat.  Too bad the people who actually live in Kenya don’t get this kind of treatment….


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